Reports from the 2nd Executive Committee of AONSA
(Feb 23 and 24, 2009 at Taiwan)

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Report Titles
(Status Report from associations)
Taiwan Neutron Science Society (TWNSS) Prof. Shir-Ly Huang (NCU) and
Prof. Hsian Chou (NSYSU)
The Korean Neutron Beam Users Association (KNBUA) Prof. Sung-Min Choi
ANBUG Executive Committee Prof. Brendan Kennedy
(The University of Sydney)
The Australian Institute of
Nuclear Science and Engineering (AINSE)
Prof. John White
The Japanese Society of Neutron Science (JSNS) Prof. Kazuyoshi Yamada
(Tohoku University)

*INSS : No report (no one will attend from India)

Report Titles
(Status Report from facilities)
First results from the new OPAL research reactor Prof. Rob Robinson
Neutron Science Facility at KAERI Dr. Kye Hong Lee
(Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex)
Prof. Masatoshi Arai
Status Report on JRR-3 Prof. Yasuhiko Fujii
Report on CSNS and CARR (Updated soon !) Prof. Chun Loong
(Sun Yat-sen University)
Current Status of SIKA-the cold TAS at OPAL Prof. Wen-Hsien Li

*BARC: No report (no one will attend from India)
*BATAN : No report (no one will attend from Indonesia)