Radiation Level in Tsukuba

Message from the chair

The organizing committee of AOCNS expects that people who want to participate AOCNS from abroad are worrying about the radiation level in the conference site (Tsukuba) due to the Fukushima reactor accident. In this web page we would like to announce the radiation level in Tsukuba, which is not in a serious level as you see below. You need not to worry about the radiation problem in Tsukuba.

If you want to know the further information of the radiation level in Tsukuba, please visit the web sites listed below.

We look forward to seeing you in Tsukuba.

Chair of the 1st AOCNS.
Toshiji Kanaya

Current status and facts

The radiation level in Tsukuba area as of July 2011 is about 0.1μSv/h, which is about twice the radiation level before the Fukushima accident.
However, even this value, 0.88 mSv/y, it is almost the average level of the world 0.87 mSv/y. The normal level of the radiation in Japan is relatively low in the world. In this sense, the radiation level at Tsukuba is standard and no more.

If you will stay in Tsukuba for 5 days, your external radiation exposure will be at most 12 μSv. This number is about 1.4 % of the average annual external exposure in the world, 0.87 mSv.

The exposure of 12 μSv is about same amount of that you will receive when you travel several hours on a plane, like a flight between a country in Southeast Asia and Japan.

Some of you will visit Tokai-mura for the Site Tour.
Radiation level in Tokai-mura is also about 0.1 μSv/h similar to Tsukuba.

Use 1stAOCNS map to locate the Fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant and our conference site.


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