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Social Event

We are planning the following three events on Nov. 23.
  1. Japanese flower arrangement (IKEBANA) (with Japanese instructors)
    Time: 14:00 - 16:00
    Place: Salon Leo (4F of Epochal)
    Charge: free

    The entry for this event will be closed when the number of applicants reaches 10.
  2. Shopping at Akihabara and Asakusa (with a Japanese guide)
    Starting time: ca. 10:00 am
    Train fare (for Akihabara): 1,150 JPY (one way)
  3. Walking in Mt. Tsukuba (with a Japanese guide)
    Starting time: ca. 10:00 am
    Bus fare: 700 JPY (one-way)
    Cable car fare: 570 JPY (one-way)

    It is recommended to have shoes suitable for walking.
    This event will be canceled in case of rain.

If you would like to attend the events, please send an e-mail to the conference secretariat ( to let us know

  1. name(s) of participant(s)
  2. number of event (please choose one of the above three).
Your application will be accepted at the reception desk until Nov. 21, but early application will very much facilitate our preparations.

Detailed information on the social events (time, place, etc.) is available at the reception desk.