J-PARC Center
December 23, 2008
Successful acceleration up to 30 GeV
of proton beam and extraction at J-PARC MR
  The J-PARC 50-GeV Synchrotron (MR*) has successfully accelerated the proton beams and extracted them to a beam dump. The beam commissioning started on December 22nd, 2008, in the MR. The proton beams were successfully accelerated up to 30 GeV, and extracted to the abort beam dump at 17:34 on the next day, the 23rd of December. The next step for the MR is the extraction to the hadron experimental hall (scheduled in January 2009) and to the neutrino beam line (scheduled in April 2009).
  On the same day, the RCS** (3GeV proton synchrotron) officially started supplying the proton beams to the MLF (Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility). Both operations (the MR acceleration and the MLF operation) were realized in parallel by the success of the pulse bending magnet which controls the proton beam directions between the MR and the MLF.

  * MR = Main Ring
  ** Rapid Cycling Synchrotron

Team members celebrate the successful acceleration and
extraction of the 30-GeV proton beam at the MR.

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