J-PARC Center
June 2, 2008
Succeeded to Produce Spallation Neutrons
  At 2:25 PM on May 30, 2008, the first neutron by the proton-beam induced spallation reaction was produced successfully at a spallation neutron source in the Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility (MLF). Several trillions of protons were accelerated up to about 97 % of the velocity of light by the 3 GeV Synchrotron, and a bunch of the high-energy protons was introduced in the MLF for the first time. The protons induced the spallation reactions actually at the center of the neutron source to spall target materials, that is, nuclei of mercury. Finally, success of the first neutron production was confirmed by observing several tens of thousands of neutrons per 1 cm2 in an experimental room at 14 m apart from the center of the neutron source.
President Okazaki rewarding staff's efforts in a control room of MLF
(A time spectrum of the first neutrons is exhibited in a display at left rear.)
A group photo of delightful staff members

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