September 10, 2014


Facility status after the accident

at the J-PARC Hadron Experimental Facility in May 2013


          After the accident, we have seriously accepted the fact that the public trust in J-PARC was completely lost and the center's members have worked hard to help restore that trust in their respective capacities. The foundation of all this work has been the word "safety". It is quite difficult to maintain awareness of safety during ordinary times, but safety is always inextricably related to failures and danger. They are like two sides of a coin.

          Based on this recognition, we have determined the causes of the accident in a various aspects (ex. instruments, buildings, an organization structure), and diligently making improvements, including the renovation of the Hadron Experimental Facility and the reorganization of the safety management system. We have also conducted workshops, education and training for dealing with radiation accidents based on the new rules so that each member of the J-PARC Center staff is always aware of safety, and can take appropriate action.

          Thanks to understandings of relevant authorities and local residents, the user programs at the Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility (MLF) and the Neutrino Experimental Facility safely resumed in February and May, respectively. At the Hadron Experimental Facility the renovation work for the resumption of the user program is on going.

          We hope to develop J-PARC into an experimental facility where researchers can conduct research activities with peace of mind, and local residents can share in the thrill of producing world-class results in Tokai Village.


    Yujiro Ikeda
    Director of the J-PARC Center


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