BL No. Access Mode Proposal No. Category of Review field Title of Experiment Principal Investigater Affiliation Adopted BT
D1GU2009B0005Q2Chemical Physics and General ScienceLi diffusion in LiCrO(2)Jun Sugiyama TOYOTA CENTRAL R&D LABS., INC.7
D1GU2009B0014Q2Chemical Physics and General SciencePre-martensitic phenomena of thermoelastic martensitic transformation in NiTi alloys studied by muonMototsugu MiharaOsaka University3
D1GU2009B0020Q2Chemical Physics and General ScienceApplications of imaging plates to the research on muon scienceMasao DoyamaTeikyo University of Science and Technology1
D1GU2009B0032Q2Chemical Physics and General ScienceMeasurement of an Extinction Ratio of MLF Proton BeamMasaharu AokiOsaka University1
D1GU2009B0034Q1Magnetic and Strongly Correlated Electronic MaterialsInternal magnetic field in SDW state of EuFe2As2 (mother compound for punictide superconductivity)Shinsaku KambeJapan Atomic Energy Agency3
D1GU2009B0035Q2Chemical Physics and General ScienceStudy on the relation between molecular structure and muon state of the first step of muon capture phenomena for nitrogen and oxygenKazuhiko NinomiyaJapan Atomic Energy Agency3
D1GU2009B0036Q1Magnetic and Strongly Correlated Electronic MaterialsmuSR study of Magnetic Frustration in Ce_2Ni_5C_3 with the Shastry-Sutherland Lattice just above TcMasashi KosakaSaitama University2
D1GU2009B0037Q1Magnetic and Strongly Correlated Electronic MaterialsμSR study on a Mott State in the Iridium oxidesHirotaka OkabeAoyama Gakuin University3
D1GU2009B0050Q2Chemical Physics and General ScienceStudies of Muonium formation in liquidsKhashayar GhandiHigh Energy Accelerator Research Organization3
D1GU2009B0054Q2Chemical Physics and General ScienceHydrogen diffusion in NaTl-type intermetallic compound LiAlHiroyuki SugaiJapan Atomic Energy Agency2