BL No. Access Mode Proposal No. Category of Review field Title of Experiment Principal Investigater Affiliation Adopted BT
BL03GU2009B0049P1Materials Science and EngineeringDisordered crystal structure and intrinsic temperature factors of an electride by TOF neutron diffractionKiyoaki TanakaNagoya University8
BL08GU2009B0013P1Materials Science and EngineeringCrystal structure of xLi2MnO3-(1-x)LiMn1/3Ni1/3Co1/3O2 as a cathode active material for lithium ion batteryYasushi Idemoto Tokyo University of Science2
BL08GU2009B0015P1Materials Science and EngineeringMaterials design based on ferroelectric crystal structure for Bi-based perovskite ferroelectric oxidesYuji NoguchiUniversity of Tokyo2
BL08GU2009B0033P1Materials Science and EngineeringLine profile study of the evolution of the microstructure of magnesium alloys during deformation.Donald BrownLos Alamos National Laboratory3
BL08GU2009B0039P1Materials Science and EngineeringCrystal structure analysis of Thio-LISICONs - Super ionic conductor for lithium batteriesRyoji KannoTokyo Institute of Technology1
BL08GU2009B0043P1Materials Science and EngineeringPrecise structure determination of newly synthesized Cu(II) (S=1/2) equilateral triangular lattice compound above and below the second Sadamu TakedaHokkaido University2
BL19GU2009B0004P1Materials Science and EngineeringIn situ neutron diffraction study for Fe-based shape memory materialsHiroyuki YasudaOsaka University3
BL19GU2009B0006P1Materials Science and EngineeringCompetition Behavior among Static Recovery, Recrystallization of Martensite and Precipitation of Austenite during Annealing in Cold Rolled Martensite 17Ni-0.2C SteelPingguang XuJapan Atomic Energy Agency2
BL19GU2009B0009P1Materials Science and EngineeringSCC crack propagation characteristics from Inconel weld metal to low-alloyed steelYo TomotaIbaraki University3
BL19GU2009B0010P7Industrial Applicationsエンジン用ピストンの残留応力評価 (2)Tatsumi HiranoHitachi, Ltd2
BL19GU2009B0017P1Materials Science and EngineeringHeterogeneous Deformation Behavior of Ti Alloys Studied by In-Situ Neutron Diffraction During Tensile DeformationSatoshi MorookaYokohama National University2
BL19GU2009B0021P7Industrial Applications自動車アルミ鋳造部品の内部残留応力計測Jun KuboNissan Motor Coorporation1
BL19GU2009B0025P1Materials Science and EngineeringDevelopment of In-situ material evaluation technique using TAKUMI diffractometerHiroshi SuzukiJapan Atomic Energy Agency3
BL19GU2009B0042P1Materials Science and EngineeringLocal crystal rotation and misfit strain after high temperature creep in a single-crystal nickel-base superalloyYoshinori ShiotaJapan Atomic Energy Agency2
BL20GU2009B0016P1Materials Science and EngineeringStructural analyses of new LoCoO2 for lithium-ion batteriesShinichi KomabaTokyo University of Science1.5
BL20GU2009B0027P1Materials Science and EngineeringStudy on preferred orientation analysis with the comparison of the diffraction and transmission measurementsTakashi KamiyamaHokkaido University1
BL20GU2009B0028P1Materials Science and EngineeringResidual strain measurement for practical Nb3Sn wire by neutron diffractionHidetoshi OguroIbaraki Univ.2
BL20GU2009B0040P3Soft Matter, Biomaterials and LiquidsThe determination of mixture state of hydrophobic molecule and water in hydrophobic small spacesTaku IiyamaShinshu University1.5
BL20GU2009B0051P1Materials Science and EngineeringPreliminary Studies on Jomon Pottery (Cord Impressed Ware between 0 ? B.C.13000)Takashi KamiyamaHigh Energy Accelerator Research Organization2