BL No. Access Mode Proposal No. Category of Review field Title of Experiment Principal Investigater Affiliation Adopted BT
D1GU2010A0026Q2Chemical Physics and General ScienceMuon States in Nanostructured Carbon MaterialsRoderick MacraeMarian University2
D1GU2010A0031Q2Chemical Physics and General ScienceThe doping effect on the formation of HμH bond in MgH2Jun SugiyamaToyota Central R&D Labs. Inc3
D1GU2010A0041Q2Chemical Physics and General ScienceLi diffusion in LiFePO_4 and related materialsJun SugiyamaToyota Central R&D Labs. Inc2
D1GU2010A0046Q2Chemical Physics and General ScienceStudy on the relation between molecular structure and muon state of the first step of muon capture phenomena for nitrogen and oxygen compounds (2)Kazuhiko NinomiyaJapan Atomic Energy Agency3
D1GU2010A0051Q2Chemical Physics and General ScienceDevelopment of non-destructive multi-elemental analysis system by muonic X-rayKenya KuboInternational Christian University3
D1GU2010A0053Q1Magnetic and Strongly Correlated Electronic MaterialsMicroscopic characterization of the nano-domain ferromagnet FINEMETAkihiro KodaHigh Energy Accelerator Research Organization2
D1GU2010A0056Q2Chemical Physics and General ScienceStudies of Muonium formation in liquidskhashayar ghandiHigh Energy Accelerator Research Organization3
D1GU2010A0059Q2Chemical Physics and General ScienceMuSR study on isolated hydrogen charge state in oxgen deficient SrTiO3Koichiro ShimomuraHigh Energy Accelerator Research Organization3
D1GU2010A0062Q1Magnetic and Strongly Correlated Electronic MaterialsInvestigation of exotic magnetic states in geometrically frustrated materials of pyrochlore lattice Ni2(OH)3Cl and triangular lattices Ni2(OH)3Br, Ni2(OH)3I, Co2(OH)3Br and Co2(OH)3IXu-Guang ZhengSaga University2
D1GU2010A0069Q1Magnetic and Strongly Correlated Electronic MaterialsMagnetism and Superconductivity of geometrically Frustrated Ir-oxides and sulfidesKenji KojimaHigh Energy Accelerator Research Organization3
D1GU2010A0078Q1Magnetic and Strongly Correlated Electronic MaterialsEffects of nonmagnetic, magnetic and electrostatic impurities on the Cu-spin correlation and superconductivity in high-Tc cupratesTadashi AdachiTohoku University3