BL No. Access Mode Proposal No. Category of Review field Title of Experiment Principal Investigater Affiliation Adopted BT
BL03GU2010B0044P4Bio-materialsNeutron Crystallographic Study of Protonation states of human hemoglobinToshiyuki ChatakeKyoto University12
BL08GU2010B0007P1Materials Science and EngineeringOccupancy Site Analysis of Electrochemically Inserted Lithium in γ-Fe2O3Takeshi YaoKyoto University0.4375
BL08GU2010B0016P1Materials Science and EngineeringStructural analysis of Pb-free perovskite ferroelectric oxidesYuji NoguchiUniversity of Tokyo0.6455
BL08GU2010B0020P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsStructural study on novel pyrochlore-type oxides showing metal-insulator transitionAyako YamamotoRIKEN0.083
BL08GU2010B0025P1Materials Science and EngineeringStructural study of TbPd1-xNixAl with isostructural phase transitionHideaki KitazawaNational Institute for Materials Science0.6455
BL08GU2010B0033P1Materials Science and EngineeringStructural Study on PbWO4-Based Interstitial-type Oxide Ion Conductor Annealed in the Reduced AtmosphereShigeomi TakaiTottori University0.229
BL08GU2010B0050P1Materials Science and EngineeringStructural analysis on the positive electrode after long cycle test for Li-ion battery cells with high power-typeHironori KobayashiNational Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology0.083
BL08GU2010B0058P1Materials Science and EngineeringChanges of crystal structures during charge-discharge processes in Li(Mn, Co, Ni, Li)O2 as a cathode active material for a lithium ion batteryYasushi IdemotoTokyo University of Science1.958
BL08GU2010B0061P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsCharacterization of magnetic structure of LaSbCo2O6 and La(Sb,Co)O3Yingxia WangPeking University0.208
BL08GU2010B0081P1Materials Science and EngineeringPrecise structure Determination of Hydrogen-Molecule Storage Cu(II) Coordination ComplexSadamu TakedaHokkaido University0.4375
BL08UU2010B0094 UU-High-resolution neutron diffraction study of La2O2Fe2OSe2Sungdae JiTohoku University2
BL19GU2010B0008P1Materials Science and EngineeringIn-situ neutron diffraction study of the deformation mechanism in Cobalt (tension and compression mode)Vladimir LuzinAustralian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation AUSTRALIA2
BL19GU2010B0019P1Materials Science and EngineeringIn situ neutron diffraction and dilatometric measurements for tempering behavior of martensite steelsYo TomotaIbaraki University4
BL19GU2010B0027P1Materials Science and EngineeringStudy of strain behavior in Rutherford-type A15 superconducting cables for future particle acceleratorsTatsushi NakamotoHigh Energy Accelerator Research Organization5
BL19GU2010B0037P1Materials Science and EngineeringStrain Measurements of Geological Material under uniaxial compressionJun AbeJapan Atomic Energy Agency2
BL19GU2010B0042P1Materials Science and EngineeringInstrumental Characteristics Comparison and Reliability Evaluation of TAKUMI and RESAKoichi AkitaJapan Atomic Energy Agency4
BL19GU2010B0053P1Materials Science and EngineeringDeformation structure and fatigue damage in Ti alloys by in-situ neutron diffraction during cyclic tensile testSatoshi MorookaYokohama national university3
BL19GU2010B0063P7Industrial Applications中性子その場回折実験による球状黒鉛鋳鉄の繰り返し引張圧縮変形挙動の検討Satoru KubotaHitachi Construction Machinery, Ltd.3
BL19GU2010B0075P1Materials Science and EngineeringTransformation of bonding and dynamics of magnesium hydroxide at high pressuresTakuo OkuchiOkayama University2
BL19GU2010B0078P7Industrial Applications引張変形中その場中性子回折によるTRIP鋼の変形挙動および残留オーステナイト安定性に及ぼす水素の影響解析Hitoshi SueyoshiJFE Steel Co., Ltd.2
BL19GU2010B0084P7Industrial Applications自動車アルミ鋳造部品の内部残留応力計測Yumi KubotaNissan Motor Co., Ltd.2
BL20GU2010B0012P1Materials Science and EngineeringRelationship between oxide-ion conductivity and ordering of oxygen vacancy in the Ln2Zr2O7 (Ln = La, Nd, Eu) Takeshi HagiwaraKanagawa Universisy0.291
BL20GU2010B0024P1Materials Science and EngineeringCrystal Structure Analyses of Li-Fe-Mn Silicates Synthesized by Soft Chemical RoutesShinichi KomabaTokyo University of Science1
BL20GU2010B0039P1Materials Science and EngineeringOccupancy of guest molecules in hydrocarbon hydrateAkinori HoshikawaIbaraki University1.25
BL20GU2010B0060P1Materials Science and EngineeringCrystal Structure of New Ferroelectric Ices and HydratesHiroshi FukazawaJapan Atomic Energy Agency1
BL20GU2010B0065P1Materials Science and EngineeringCrystal structure analysis of lithium-excess layered material Li1+xMO2 (M=Ni, Co, Mn) - New cathode material for lithium batteriesRyoji KannoTokyo Institute of Technology0.5
BL20GU2010B0083P1Materials Science and EngineeringCrystal structure analysis of Li2CuO2 Cathode Material for Lithium-ion BatteriesYoshinori ArachiKansai University1.25
BL21GU2010B0011P7Industrial Applications有機金属錯体の水素吸着サイト解析Izuru KanoyaHONDA R&D Co., Ltd1.5
BL21GU2010B0034P1Materials Science and EngineeringSubstitution Effect on (La_{1-x}Ce_x)Ni_{5-y}(Al,Mn,Co)_y Hydrogen Storage AlloysYasuhiro YonedaJapan Atomic Energy Agency1.5