BL No. Access Mode Proposal No. Category of Review field Title of Experiment Principal Investigater Affiliation Adopted BT
BL15GU2012A0019P3Soft Matter, Biomaterials and LiquidsPrecise Analysis for shish-kebab structure with various molecular weight componentsGo MATSUBAYamagata University Department of Engineering3
BL15GU2012A0041P7Industrial ApplicationsAnalysis of rust layers of weathering steel by SANSTakenori NAKAYAMAKOBE STEEL, LTd.
Material Research Laboratory
BL15GU2012A0042P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsLong periodic chiral helimagnetic ordering in T1/3MS2 (T=transition metal, M=Nb and Ta)Yusuke KOUSAKAAoyama Gakuin University Department of Physics and Mathematics5
BL15GU2012A0048P3Soft Matter, Biomaterials and LiquidsEvaluation of Aggregation and Agglomeration of nano-materials with the small angle neutron scattering techniqueTakeshi EITOKUNational Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology1
BL15GU2012A0052P7Industrial ApplicationsStructural analysis of magnetic domain in magnetic layers for hard disk driveTatsumi HIRANOHitachi, Ltd.1.125
BL15GU2012A0057P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsMagnetism and Superconductivity in {\rm Rb}$_x${\rm Fe}$_{2-y}${\rm Se}$_2$ Kazuki OISHIResearch Center for Neutron Science and Technology (CROSS) Tokai2
BL15GU2012A0080P4Bio-materialsStatic Structure of Staphylococcal Nuclease in Aqueous SolutionHitoshi ENDOJapan Atomic Energy Agency3
BL15GU2012A0082P3Soft Matter, Biomaterials and LiquidsNano-Structural Analysis of Multi-Sugar type Amphiphilic Oligomer AggregatesTomokazu YOSHIMURANara womens University3
BL15GU2012A0100P3Soft Matter, Biomaterials and LiquidsSmall-angle neutron scattering studies on the adsorption of DNA by cationic diblockcopolymer micelles in aqueous solutionsLin Tsang-LangNational Tsing Hua University Department of Engineering and System Science3
BL15GU2012A0111P3Soft Matter, Biomaterials and LiquidsCharacterization of water-saturated compacted montmorillonites by small-angle neutron scatteringHiroaki TAKAHASHIJapan Atomic Energy Agency1
BL15GU2012A0123P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsCharacterization of the Morphology and Chemical State of Magnetic Element in Soft Magnetic Nanogranular Film using Small-Angle Neutron and X-ray ScatteringYojiro OBA National Institute for Materials Science1
BL15GU2012A0132P3Soft Matter, Biomaterials and LiquidsNano- and micro-scale structures of poly(ethylene glycol)/IL solutions and their iongelsKenta FUJIIThe University of Tokyo2
BL15GU2012A0134P7Industrial ApplicationsAnalysis of Microfracture Behavior and Hydrogen in Dual-Phase Steels using Small-Angle Neutron ScatteringHitoshi SUEYOSHIJFE Steel Co.4
BL15GU2012A0153P8Reserch and DevelopmentStudy on estimation of incoherent scattering on the TAIKANHiroki IWASEComprehensive Research Organization for Science and Society5
BL15IU2012I0015--Commissioning of BL15(TAIKAN)Shin-ichi TAKATAJapan Atomic Energy Agency27.5
BL15PU2012P0101--Strength of Materials and Related EngineeringKazuya AIZAWAJapan Atomic Energy Agency 3
BL15PU2012P0301--Research on Mechanism of Coercivity of Rare-Earth MagnetsMasayasu TAKEDAJapan Atomic Energy Agency3.5
BL15PU2012P0401--Effect of water content on tensile strength of hydrogelsTaiki TOMINAGAJapan Atomic Energy Agency2
BL15PU2012P0501--Analysis of the structures of the proteins and protein complexes in solution by small-angle neutron scatteringSatoru FUJIWARAJapan Atomic Energy Agency 4.5
BL15PU2012P0802--Development and application of on-beam SEOP based 3He spin filter at BL15Takayuki OKUJapan Atomic Energy Agency 1.5
BL15PU2012P0902--Project research on structure and dynamics of proton, superionic and amorphous functional materials using BL15 small angle scattering instrumentYukinobu KAWAKITAJapan Atomic Energy Agency 2
BL16GU2012A0023P3Soft Matter, Biomaterials and LiquidsNeutron reflectometry of the adsorbed hydrogen and the oxide film on Pt polycrystalline electrodeNagahiro HOSHIChiba University Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Applied Chemistry and Bio-technology3
BL16GU2012A0034P6Fundamental Physics, Nuclear Science and Instrument R&DStudy of Diffuse Reflection for the Characterization of Candidate Materials of Ultracold Neutron Storage CellTamaki YOSHIOKAKyushu University1
BL16GU2012A0056P7Industrial ApplicationsNeutron Reflectivity studies of polymer thin filmsYohei KAMATAKURARAY CO., LTD.2
BL16GU2012A0061P7Industrial ApplicationsEffect of thermal treatments on the nanostructure of Nafion thin filmsKenji KUDO?Toyota Central R&D Labs4
BL16GU2012A0078P7Industrial ApplicationsStructure analysis of organic thin films for printable inverted polymer photovoltaic cellsTakuya SUZUKIMitsubishi Chemical Group Science and Technology Research Center Materials Characterization Group2
BL16GU2012A0108P3Soft Matter, Biomaterials and LiquidsIn situ neutron reflectometry analysis of electrode/electrolyte interface for lithium batteriesRyoji KANNOTokyo Institute of Technology Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering3
BL16GU2012A0139P7Industrial ApplicationsNeutron Reflectivity Study of Polymer Thin Film / Liquid InterfacesHiroshi HAMAMATSUSUMITOMO CHEMICAL CO,. LTD.2
BL17GU2012A0053P7Industrial ApplicationsMagnetic structural analysis in interface of magnetic layers for hard disk drive (2)Tatsumi HIRANOHitachi, Ltd.4.5
BL17GU2012A0068P2Energy ScienceIn-situ neutron reflectivity measurements for photodoping of silver in Ge-chalcogenide filmsYoshifumi SAKAGUCHIComprehensive Research Organization for Science and Society8
BL17GU2012A0085P8Reserch and DevelopmentDevelopment of high-performance focusing supermirror for GISANS and angular-divergent measurementsDai YAMAZAKIJapan Atomic Energy Agency7.5
BL17GU2012A0091P3Soft Matter, Biomaterials and LiquidsCombined assessment of polymer - magnetic nanoparticle films by diffuse scattering/ GISANS and GISAXSHiroshi OKUDAKyoto University Materials science and engineering3
BL17GU2012A0098P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsStudy of magnetism in perovskite manganite superlattice by polarized neutron reflectometryMasato KUBOTAJapan Atomic Energy Agency8
BL17IU2012I0017--Investigation sofsurface and interface structures using Polarized Neutron ReflectometryMasayasu TAKEDAJapan Atomic Energy Agency35
BL17DU2012I0104--Sample-surface morphology dependence of neutron reflectivityNoboru YOSHIDAComprehensive Research Organization for Science and Society2
BL17PU2012P0302--Research on Correlation between Magnetic Structure and Function in Magnetic Multilayers Relating to SpintronicsMasayasu TAKEDAQuantum Beam Science Directorate and J-PARC Center, Japan Atomic Energy Agency9
BL17PU2012P0803--Development and application of on-beam SEOP based 3He spin filter at BL17Takayuki OKUJapan Atomic Energy Agency2.5
BL17PU2012P0903--Project research on structure and dynamics of proton, superionic and amorphous functional
- Investigation on silver photo-diffusion into amorphous chalcogenide films by means of neutron reflectometer
Yukinobu KAWAKITAJapan Atomic Energy Agency2.5