BL No. Access Mode Proposal No. Category of Review field Title of Experiment Principal Investigater Affiliation Adopted BT
BL03GU2012B0106P4Bio-materialsNeutron diffraction analysis of trigonal ferrocytochrome c of horse heartYoko SUGAWARAKitasato University School of Science18
BL08GU2012B0011P1Materials Science and EngineeringCrystal and magnetic structure studies of new pyrophosphate-based compoundsSeongsu LeeKorea Atomic Energy Research Institute KOREA Neutron Science Division4
BL08GU2012B0037P1Materials Science and Engineeringystal- and domain-structure analyses of Ti-based and Nb-based perovskite ferroelectric oxidesYuji NOGUCHIUniversity of Tokyo Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology2
BL08GU2012B0079P1Materials Science and EngineeringHigh-resolution neutron powder diffraction on the novel phase barium guanidinate, Ba(CN3H4)2, for full structural elucidationSawinski Klaus PeterRWTH Aachen GERMANY Institute of Inorganic Chemistry at RWTH Aachen University2
BL08GU2012B0110P1Materials Science and EngineeringLithium conduction mechanism of lithium superionic conductors Li4-xGe1-xPxS4 for all-solid-state lithium batteriesRyoji KANNOTokyo Institute of Technology Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering3
BL08GU2012B0170P1Materials Science and EngineeringStractural Variation of Bi-substituted La2Mo2O9 with Cubic Symmetry after Heat TreatmentShigeomi TAKAITottori University Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology, Applied Chemistry Course1
BL08GU2012B0197P1Materials Science and EngineeringStructure of Sr2MnTiO6 ? Tetragonal or Cubic?Brendan James KennedyThe University of Sydney2
BL08GU2012B0227P1Materials Science and EngineeringA new compound Li2Cu12CrV3O20Br4 with S=1/2 Kagome lattice in novel [Cu3O2Br] infinite layerYingxia WangPeking University College of chemistry and molecular engineering2
BL08GU2012B0229P1Materials Science and EngineeringLithium Ionic Conduction Paths of Novel Crystalline Alumino-Borates 2Toyoki OKUMURANational Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology AIST Kansai (Research Institute for Ubiquitous Energy Devises)3
BL08GU2012B0234P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsNuclear and magnetic structures in the spin-1/2 kagome lattice antiferromagnet Cs2Cu3SnF12Matan KittiwitMahidol University Department of Physics, Faculty of Science4
BL08GU2012B0247P1Materials Science and EngineeringDetailed crystal structural study on highly hole doped R2-xSrxNiO4 with x > 1/2Ryoichi KAJIMOTOComprehensive Research Organization for Science and Society Research Center for Neutron Science and Technology6
BL18GU2012B0068P4Bio-materialsStructural study of antitumour antibiotics / DNA interaction by neutron crystallographyShigeki ARAIJapan Atomic Energy Agency 10
BL18TU2012B0112P9Trial Use Access ProgramDirect Observation of Deuterium Gas Adsorbed on Porous Coordination Polymers with Viologen SurfaceMasakazu HIGUCHIUniversity of Kyoto4
BL18GU2012B0119P8Reserch and DevelopmentDiffraction experiment of protein crystals using sharp pulsed neutrons from the poisoned decoupled moderatorsTaro TAMADAJapan Atomic Energy Agency 2
BL18GU2012B0123P1Materials Science and EngineeringStructural study of solid solution of M3H(XO4)2 protonic conductorRyoji KIYANAGIJapan Atomic Energy Agency 8
BL18GU2012B0147P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsHigh Magnetic Field Neutron Diffraction in Shastry-Sutherland System-Step1Hiroyuki NOJIRITohoku University Institute for Materials Research3
BL18GU2012B0165P8Reserch and DevelopmentMagnetic structure analysis on single crystal neutron diffractometer SENJUTakuro KAWASAKIJapan Atomic Energy Agency 5
BL18GU2012B0259P1Materials Science and EngineeringCharacterization of proton conduction mechanism of coordination polymerSatoshi HORIIKEKyoto University Faculty of Engineering10
BL19GU2012B0002P1Materials Science and EngineeringMechanism of a large elastic strain in Fe3PtTakashi FUKUDAOsaka University Graduate School of Engineering2
BL19GU2012B0003P1Materials Science and EngineeringMartensitic transformation and carbon partitioningshi zengminHuazhong University of Science and Technology CHINA School of Materials Science and Engineering4
BL19GU2012B0016P1Materials Science and EngineeringTransformation of bonding and dynamics of magnesium hydroxide at high pressuresTakuo OKUCHIOkayama University Institute for Study of the Earths Interior5
BL19GU2012B0017P1Materials Science and EngineeringInvestigation of degradation mechanism in large-scale superconductor for fusion reactorsTsutomu HEMMIJapan Atomic Energy Agency Fusion Research and Development Directorate8
BL19GU2012B0019P1Materials Science and EngineeringNeutron attenuation effect on strain measurement using neutron diffractionHiroshi SUZUKIJapan Atomic Energy Agency Quantum Beam Science Directorate (Tokai)2
BL19GU2012B0041P1Materials Science and EngineeringIn-situ Neutron Investigation of Stress Induced Martensitic Transformation in Ti-Nb Shape Memory Alloychang LiliBeijing Institute of Technology Materials Science and Engineering3
BL19GU2012B0058P1Materials Science and EngineeringFundamental study on strain measurement of rebar in reinforced concrete using pulsed neutron diffractionKoichi KUSUNOKIYokohama National Univeristy Department of Architecture and Urban Culture2
BL19GU2012B0084P1Materials Science and EngineeringQuantitative Evaluation to Martensite Elastoplastic Deformation of Multilayered Austenite-Martensite Steel Composites during Tensile DeformationPingguang XuJapan Atomic Energy Agency Quantum Beam Science Directorate (Tokai)4
BL19GU2012B0094P7Industrial ApplicationsMeasurement of Residual Stress of Duplex Stainless SteelWang YunHitachi, Ltd.1.5
BL19GU2012B0100P1Materials Science and EngineeringIn-Situ Neutron Diffraction Study on Deformation Behavior of Mg Alloy with Long-Period Stacking Ordered PhaseSatoshi MOROOKAYokohama national university Faculty of Engineering Division of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering2
BL19GU2012B0101P7Industrial Applications中性子回折法による超音波衝撃処理したまわし溶接継手の過大荷重後の残留応力測定Tamaki SUZUKINippon Steel Corporation2.5
BL19GU2012B0108P1Materials Science and EngineeringThermal strain and its control in Nb3Sn superconducting composite wiresKozo OSAMURAResearch Institute for Applied Sciences Research Lab.4
BL19GU2012B0168P1Materials Science and EngineeringResidual stress mapping on ultrasonic shot peened weld joint before and after thermal loadingKoichi AKITAJapan Atomic Energy Agency Quantum Beam Science Directorate5
BL19GU2012B0192P1Materials Science and EngineeringDiffraction study using a new high pressure device (Palm Cubic-Anvil cell)Hiroshi FUKAZAWAJapan Atomic Energy Agency3
BL19GU2012B0223P1Materials Science and EngineeringGuest storage capacity into dense methane hydrateShigeo SASAKIGifu University3
BL19GU2012B0225P1Materials Science and EngineeringNeutron diffraction study of sintering reaction processes for superconducting materialsYoshinori TSUCHIYANational Institute for Materials Science Superconducting Wire Unit4
BL19GU2012B0237P7Industrial Applications溶接継ぎ手のルート部周辺の内部残留応力状態の溶接材料強度依存性の検討Tamaki SUZUKINippon Steel Corporation2
BL19GU2012B0245P1Materials Science and EngineeringStudy of strain behavior in Rutherford-type A15 superconducting cables for future particle acceleratorsTatsushi NAKAMOTOHigh Energy Accelerator Research Organization Cryogenics Science Center4
BL20GU2012B0029P1Materials Science and EngineeringComposition dependence of crystal structure of vacuum-reduced Li2MnO3-Li(Mn,Co,Ni)O2 system in electrochemical charge/discharge processYasushi IDEMOTOTokyo University of Science Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Technology3
BL20GU2012B0046P1Materials Science and EngineeringDetailed Crystal Structure of Na5/6[Li1/4Mn3/4]O2 as High-Energy Manganese-Based Electrode Materials for Li/Na BatteriesShinichi KOMABATokyo University of Science Department of Applied Chemisitry2
BL20GU2012B0048P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsMagnetic structure on electron-doped VO2Daisuke OKUYAMARIKEN Advanced Science Institute1
BL20GU2012B0176P1Materials Science and EngineeringRelaxation analysis of electrode materials for Li-ion secondary batteryTakeshi YAOKyoto University Graduate School of Energy Science1
BL20GU2012B0187P1Materials Science and EngineeringStructural analysis of oxide-coated high capacity layered Li1-y(MnaNibCoc)O2 positive electrode with Li de-intercalation/intercalationHironori KOBAYASHINational Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Research Institute for Ubiquitous Energy Devices3
BL20GU2012B0201P2Energy ScienceThe determination of structure and rotational motion of CCl4 in confined spacesTaku IIJIMAShinshu University Faculty of Science2
BL20GU2012B0203P1Materials Science and EngineeringCrystal Structure of New Ferroelectric IcesHiroshi FUKAZAWAJapan Atomic Energy Agency Quantum Beam Science Directorate (Tokai)2
BL20GU2012B0211P1Materials Science and EngineeringRelationship between oxide-ion conductivity and ordering of oxygen vacancy in the Ln2Zr2O7 (Ln = La, Nd, Eu) systemTakeshi HAGIWARAKanagawa Universisy Research Institute for Engineering2
BL20GU2012B0217P1Materials Science and EngineeringStructural Origin of Large Oxygen Permeability in the K2NiF4-Type Mixed and Ionic ConductorsMasatomo YASHIMATokyo Institute of Technology Department of Chemistry and Materials Science2
BL21GU2012B0022P2Energy ScienceStructure of liquid SnI${}_4$Kazuhiro FUCHIZAKI Ehime University2
BL21GU2012B0024P2Energy ScienceIsotopic Contrast Experiment for the Local Structural Investigations of Quasicyrstal Ti45Zr38Ni17Toyoto SATOTohoku University Institute for Materials Research1
BL21GU2012B0026P2Energy ScienceMixing State of Imidazolium-based Ionic Liquids in Benzene Derivative Solutions on Meso- and Microscopic ScalesToshiyuki TAKAMUKUSaga University Chemistry and Applied Chemistry. Graduate School of Science and Engineering3
BL21GU2012B0045P1Materials Science and EngineeringObservation of charge glass state in Sr3Fe2O7 by using PDF (atomic pair distribution function) analysisKatsuaki KODAMAJapan Atomic Energy Agency2
BL21GU2012B0066P7Industrial ApplicationsNeutron diffraction on V2O5-P2O5-MxOy glass towards the prediction of functional properties Takuya AOYAGIHitachi, Ltd.2.5
BL21GU2012B0086P2Energy ScienceShort and medium range order in pure alcoholsPusztai LaszloWigner Research Centre for Physics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Institute for Solid State Physics and Optics, Department of Neutron Physics2
BL21GU2012B0097P2Energy ScienceStructural analyses of Fe-based and Ni-based metal-metalloid amorphous alloysHiroshi ARIMATohoku University Institute for Materials Researchreserved
BL21GU2012B0172P8Reserch and DevelopmentNeutron diffraction tomographyShinichi SHAMOTOJapan Atomic Energy Agency5
BL21GU2012B0180P1Materials Science and EngineeringLocal structural analysis of high capacity layered oxides Li1-y(MnaNibCoc)O2 positive electrode with Li de-intercalation/intercalationHironori KOBAYASHINational Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Research Institute for Ubiquitous Energy Devices1.5
BL21GU2012B0182P1Materials Science and EngineeringInvestigation of the charge ice state by the PDF analysisNoriaki HANASAKIOsaka University School of Science3
BL21GU2012B0198P2Energy ScienceStructural study of high refractive index Samarium Titanate glassesYasutomo ARAIJapan Aerospace Exploration Agency1
BL21GU2012B0199P2Energy ScienceNeutron diffraction studies of AgI-doped As-chalcogenide glassesTakeshi USUKIYamagata University Faculty of Sciencereserved
BL21GU2012B0204P2Energy ScienceStructure of water in polymer hydrated systemsYurina SEKINEJapan Atomic Energy Agency Quantum Beam Science Directorate (Tokai)reserved
BL21GU2012B0210P1Materials Science and EngineeringLocal structure of NiGa2S4Yusuke NAMBUUniversity of Tokyo Institute for Solid State Physics0.5
BL21GU2012B0212P2Energy ScienceStructural analysis of nano-sized transitional-metal oxide as negative electrode materials for Li-ion batterysYohei ONODERAKyoto University Office of Society-Academia Collaboration for Innovation2
BL21GU2012B0238P1Materials Science and EngineeringStructure of sulfur/carbon composite material for an all-solid-state batteryMiki NAGAOHigh Energy Accelerator Research Organization0.5
BL21GU2012B0246P1Materials Science and EngineeringStructures of Pd/Pt nano-alloys and their mixing transitions derived by hydrogen absorption/desorption processesOsamu YAMAMUROUniversity of Tokyo Institute for Solid State Physics5
BL21GU2012B0253P2Energy ScienceA new application of neutron beam analysis in origin and evolution of lifeYumiko WATANABEJapan Atomic Energy Agencyreserved