BL No. Access Mode Proposal No. Category of Review field Title of Experiment Principal Investigater Affiliation Adopted BT
BL04GU2012B0025P6Fundamental Physics, Nuclear Science and Instrument R&DMeasurement of the energy, multiplicity and angular correlation of gamma-rays from the thermal neutron capture reaction Gd-157(n,gamma)Makoto SAKUDAOkayama University Institute for Study of the Earths Interior3
BL04GU2012B0036P6Fundamental Physics, Nuclear Science and Instrument R&DExamination of the basic condition with the analysis of cosmetics by ANNRI.Etsuko FURUTAOchanomizu University Graduate School of Humanities and Sciences2
BL04GU2012B0093P6Fundamental Physics, Nuclear Science and Instrument R&DMeasurement of neutron capture cross-section of Gd-157Atsushi KIMURAJapan Atomic Energy Agency6
BL04GU2012B0169P6Fundamental Physics, Nuclear Science and Instrument R&DMeasurement of 6Li(n,γ)7Li cross section up to 1 keVHiroyuki MAKIIJapan Atomic Energy Agency6
BL04GU2012B0224P6Fundamental Physics, Nuclear Science and Instrument R&DStudy for fission from the resolved neutron resonancesKatsuhisa NISHIOJapan Atomic Energy Agency5
BL04GU2012B0236P6Fundamental Physics, Nuclear Science and Instrument R&DMeasurement of Angular Distribution of Prompt Gamma-rays from Radiative Capture Neutron ReactionsHirohiko SHIMIZUNagoya University7
BL04GU2012B0244P6Fundamental Physics, Nuclear Science and Instrument R&DStudy on direct neutron capture of 88SrShuya OTAJapan Atomic Energy Agency2
BL05GU2012B0219P6Fundamental Physics, Nuclear Science and Instrument R&DMeasurement of neutron lifetime by using pulsed neutron beamKenji MISHIMAUniversity of Tokyo International Center for Elementaly Particle Physics16
BL10GU2012B0044P7Industrial ApplicationsTransparent Observation of Magnetization Distribution in Magnetic Alloys by Neutron Beam.Takao IMAGAWAHitachi, Ltd.2.5
BL10GU2012B0072P7Industrial ApplicationsEvaluation of casting process with energy selective neutron radiographyHiroyuki NOSEIHI Corporationreserved
BL10GU2012B0088P8Reserch and DevelopmentDetermination of the metallurgical microstructural properties of six ancient Japanese steel arrow tips through wavelength resolved neutron transmission analysisGrazzi FrancescoConsiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche Istituto dei Sistemi Complessi5
BL10GU2012B0175P8Reserch and DevelopmentDevelopment of neutron scintillation detectorsMasaki KATAGIRIIbaraki University Frontier Research Center for Applied Atomic Sciences6
BL10GU2012B0193P8Reserch and DevelopmentFeasibility study on epithermal neutron imaging in J-PARCRyo YASUDAJapan Atomic Energy Agency 2
BL10GU2012B0205P8Reserch and DevelopmentDevelopment of neutron spin phase contrast imaging technique at a pulsed neutron sourceHirotoshi HAYASHIDAJapan Atomic Energy Agency 3
BL10GU2012B0208P8Reserch and DevelopmentDevelopment of TOF polarimetric tomography technique for 3D reconstruction of magnetic field vectorTakenao SHINOHARAJapan Atomic Energy Agency 8
BL10GU2012B0213P8Reserch and DevelopmentNeutron beam focusing with high performance supermirrors on precisely figured surfaceDai YAMAZAKIJapan Atomic Energy Agency 10.5
BL10GU2012B0218P8Reserch and DevelopmentHigh resolution transmission Bragg edge imaging and neutron resonance absorption imagingTremsin AntonUniversity of California at Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory4
BL10GU2012B0226P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsHigh Magnetic Field Neutron Diffractions in Frustrated Multi-ferroicsHiroyuki NOJIRITohoku University Institute for Materials Research10
BL10GU2012B0248P8Reserch and DevelopmentVisualization of 3D local atomic arrangement by neutron holography technique with white neutronKenji OHOYAMATohoku University Institute for Materials Research5
BL10GU2012B0250P8Reserch and DevelopmentStudy of neutron radiation hardness of Hybrid Avalanche Photo Detector for the Belle-II experimentHidekazu KAKUNO Tokyo Metropolitan University2