BL No. Access Mode Proposal No. Category of Review field Title of Experiment Principal Investigater Affiliation Adopted BT
BL15IU2013I0015--Characterization of detectors and sample environment at BL15 (TAIKAN)Shin-ichi TAKATAJapan Atomic Energy Agency8
BL15 DU 2013I0103 - - Characterization of polarized pulsed neutron beam at TAIKAN Kazuki OHISHI CROSS 4
BL15 DU 2013I0104 - - Extension of the accessible low-Q limit by using a ultra small-angle detector and small pinhole collimation Hiroki IWASE CROSS 2
BL15PU2013P0101--Strength of Materials and Related Engineering *Kazuya AIZAWAJapan Atomic Energy Agency3
BL15 PU 2013P0401 - - Structural properties of soft matter and the dynamics of soft confined water
(A) Lipid bilayers membrane
(B) Hydro gels
Daiki TOMINAGA J-PARC Center 5
BL15 PU 2013P0501 - - Analysis of the structures of the proteins and protein complexes in solution by small-angle neutron scattering Satoshi FUJIWARA Japan Atomic Energy Agency 3
BL16 S-type 2009S08 - - 高機能ソフトマターのナノ界面ダイナミクス評価 高原 淳 九州大学・先導物質化学研究所 50
BL17 IU 2013I0017 - - Investigations of surface and interface structures using Polarized Neutron Reflectometry Masayasu TAKEDA Japan Atomic Energy Agency 32
BL17PU2013P0302--Research on Correlation between Magnetic Structure and Function in Magnetic Multilayers Relating to SpintronicsMasayasu TAKEDAJapan Atomic Energy Agency4
BL17 PU 2013P0804 - - Development and application of on-beam SEOP based 3He spin filter at BL17 Takayuki OKU Japan Atomic Energy Agency/J-PARC Center 3
BL18 DU 2013I0108 - - Development of single crystal diffraction measurement techniqueu nder extreme sample environments at SENJU Akiko NAKAO CROSS 17