BL No. Access Mode Proposal No. Category of Review field Title of Experiment Principal Investigater Affiliation Adopted BT
BL08GU2013A0050P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsMechanism of the successive transitions of Ba (Fe1-xCox)2As2Masatoshi SATOComprehensive Research Organization For Science and Society Research Center6
BL08GU2013A0133P1Materials Science and EngineeringLithium conduction mechanism of lithium superionic conductors for all-solid-state lithium batteriesRyoji KANNOTokyo Institute of Technology5
BL08GU2013A0193P7Industrial Applicationscrystal structure analysis of oxide ion conductor for SOFC by neutron diffraction *Hiroyuki IWAINORITAKE CO.,LIMITED 4
BL18GU2013A0022P1Materials Science and EngineeringNeutron Structure Analysis of Molecular Dielectric Material by Proton-Electron Co-transfer SystemMakoto TADOKOROTokyo University of Science 8
BL18GU2013A0028P8Reserch and DevelopmentDiffraction experiment of protein crystals using sharp pulsed neutrons from the poisoned decoupled moderators *Taro TAMADAJapan Atomic Energy Agency 15
BL18GU2013A0165P4Bio-materialsNeutron diffraction analysis of deutrated disodium inosine 5’-monophosphate heptahydrateYoko SUGAWARAKitasato University 5
BL18 PU 2013P0906 - - Project research on structure and dynamics of proton, superionic and amorphous functional materials at BL18 Ryuji KIYANAGI Japan Atomic Energy Agency 5
BL19GU2013A0020P1Materials Science and EngineeringResidual Stress Measurements of Ultrasonic Shot-peened Dissimilar Weld Joint at Elevated Temperatures *Koichi AKITAJapan Atomic Energy Agency 5
BL19GU2013A0065P1Materials Science and EngineeringStudy of strain behavior in Rutherford-type A15 superconducting cables for future particle acceleratorsTatsushi NAKAMOTOHigh Energy Accelerator Research Organization 4
BL19GU2013A0105P1Materials Science and EngineeringLarge grain effect on pseudo-strain induced in neutron strain measurementHiroshi SUZUKIJapan Atomic Energy Agency 3
BL19GU2013A0157P7Industrial ApplicationsMeasurement of residual stresses in butt welded jointHiroyuki MOTOHASHITOKYO GAS Co., Ltd.3.5
BL19GU2013A0218P1Materials Science and EngineeringDiffraction study using a new high pressure device (Palm Cubic-Anvil cell)Hiroshi FUKAZAWAJapan Atomic Energy Agency 3
BL20GU2013A0109P1Materials Science and EngineeringNuclear density analysis of lithium cation encapsulated in $C_{60}$Shinobu AOYAGINagoya City University 1
BL20GU2013A0136P1Materials Science and EngineeringStructural Origin of the Visible-Light Response of the Metal Oxynitride Photocatalysts. Band Gap-Structure Correlation *Masatomo YASHIMATokyo Institute of Technology 3
BL20GU2013A0158P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsMagnetic Structure of Ni-Oxides with Honeycomb Lattice *Yukio YASUIMeiji University 2
BL21GU2013A0032P2Energy SciencePartial structures of Zr-based metallic glassesShinya HOSOKAWAKumamoto University 2
BL21GU2013A0068P1Materials Science and EngineeringObservation of self-organization process of ”charge glass state” in 7LiMn2O4 by using PDF analysis *Katsuaki KODAMAJapan Atomic Energy Agency 2