BL No. Access Mode Proposal No. Category of Review field Title of Experiment Principal Investigater Affiliation Adopted BT
BL01UU2013A0002(U)Urgent緊急Neutron-scattering research on element-strategy project for electronic materials *Youichi MURAKAMIHigh Energy Accelerator Research Organization 3
BL01GU2013A0052P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsDirect observation of magnon and spin-orbit exiton in Sr2IrO4Masaki FUJITATohoku university4
BL01GU2013A0141P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsIdentifying orbital excitations in a spinel vanadateHajime SAGAYAMAThe University of Tokyo 4
BL01GU2013A0206P1Materials Science and EngineeringNew phonon dispersion curves in ferroelectrice ice XI observed by inelastic neutron scatteringHiroshi FUKAZAWAJapan Atomic Energy Agency 7
BL02GU2013A0054P1Materials Science and EngineeringTetrahedron dynamics in the Zn6Sc 1/1 approximant to the quasicrystalMarc de BOISSIEU SIMAP CNRS Metal Physics6
BL02GU2013A0093P3Soft Matter, Biomaterials and LiquidsDynamic heterogeneity and anomalous glass transition of ultra-thin polymer filmsToshiji KANAYAKyoto University 10
BL02GU2013A0162P2Energy ScienceDynamcis of methanol confined in mesoporous silical MCM-41 C18 and ordered mesoporous carbon OMC78Toshio YAMAGUCHIFukuoka University 5
BL12GU2013A0112P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsNeutron scattering study for both charge and spin frustrated system of the 4th pyrochlore lattice of cubic 1147 ferrite HoBaFe4O7Kazuya KAMAZAWAComprehensive Research Organization for Science and Society Research Center6
BL14GU2013A0008P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsInvestigation into origin of magnetic order in spin-cluster systemsMasashi HASENational Institute for Materials Science 3
BL14GU2013A0023P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsSuccessive magnetic phase transition accompanying drastic variation in magnetic anisotropy of DyFe2Zn20Kazuaki IWASATohoku University7
BL14GU2013A0087P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsStudy of quasielastic diffuse scattering in the triangular-lattice Heisenberg antiferromagnet CuCrO2Ryoichi KAJIMOTOComprehensive Research Organization for Science and Society Research Center2
BL14GU2013A0170P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsMagnetic excitations in the doped kagome lattice antiferromagnet (RbxCs1-x)2Cu3SnF12 *Kittiwit MATANMahidol University 7
BL14GU2013A0216P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsStudy of lattice anomalies in ferroelectric in organic dimer Mott insulator beta’-(BEDT-TTF)2ICl2 *Seiko KAWAMURAJapan Atomic Energy Agency6