BL No. Access Mode Proposal No. Category of Review field Title of Experiment Principal Investigater Affiliation Adopted BT
BL01GU2013B0050P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsExplore the spectrum of spin excitations in non-superconducting BaFe_1.8Ni_0.1Cr_0.1As_2Rui ZHANGChinese Academy of Sciences CHINA 6
BL01GU2013B0059P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsStudy of magnetic excitations in highly hole-doped (R,Sr)2NiO4Ryoichi KAJIMOTOJapan Atomic Energy Agency6
BL01GU2013B0061P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsHigh-energy spin excitations in hole doped (Ba,K)Fe2As2Kazumasa HORIGANEAoyama Gakuin University5
BL01GU2013B0093P9Trial Use Access Program中性子分光測定による担持金属触媒表面における水素の吸着状態の研究Seiji YAMAZOEThe University of Tokyo1.916666667
BL01GU2013B0245P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsLow dimensionality excitations in the Swedenborgite compound CaBaCo2Fe2O7Johannes REIM DANIEL Forschungszentrum Juelich GERMANY JCNS4
BL02GU2013B0051P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsLow-energy collective excitations of skyrmion lattice in Cu2OSeO3Taku SATO J Tohoku University 6
BL02GU2013B0064P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsSlow localized mode in the polar cluster of relaxor ferroelectricsMasato MATSUURAComprehensive Research Organization for Science and Society 5
BL02GU2013B0103P9Trial Use Access ProgramAnalysis of dynamics of electrolyte solutions on the electrode interface of secondary batteries by quasi-elastic neutron scatteringToshio YAMAGUCHIFukuoka University1.916666667
BL12GU2013B0209P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsDetection of Rashba-type spin splitting using neutron inelastic scatteringTaku SATO J Tohoku University6
BL12GU2013B0254P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsParamagnetic Spin Correlations in Semiconducting KyFe2-xSe2Jun ZHAOFudan Univ. CHINA 4
BL14GU2013B0167P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsSpinon Excitations in an S=1/2 Antiferromagnetic Heisenberg Chain KCuGaF6 with Strong Dzyaloshinsky-Moriya InteractionHidekazu TANAKATokyo Institute of Technology 3
BL14GU2013B0173P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsMagnetic excitation in Ce3Co4Sn13: a candidate for strong electronic hybridizationKazuaki IWASATohoku University 4
BL14GU2013B0229P3Soft Matter, Biomaterials and LiquidsElucidation of diffusion dynamics in hydrogen-bonding liquids by new model-free analysis on QENSTatsuya KIKUCHIJapan Atomic Energy Agency4
BL14GU2013B0253P3Soft Matter, Biomaterials and LiquidsDynamics of water around F-actin in the functioning state studied by quasielastic neutron scatteringSatoru FUJIWARAJapan Atomic Energy Agency5
BL14GU2013B0258P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsMagnetic Excitations in the Doped Kagome Lattice Antiferromagnet (RbxCs1-x)2Cu3SnF12Kittiwit MATANMahidol University 4
BL14GU2013B0278P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsSpin current on garnet ferrite Y3Fe5O12 induced by temperature gradientShinichi SHAMOTOJapan Atomic Energy Agency6