BL No.Access ModeProposal No.Review
Title of experimentPrincipal investigatorAffiliationLocation of the affiliationAdopted BT
BL04 IU 2014I0004 -   Research and development on accurate neutron-nucleus reaction measurement instrument (ANNRI) Atsushi KIMURA Japan Atomic Energy Agency Japan 22.00
BL04 PU 2014P0701 -   Research on nuclear astrophysics, nuclear data, and trace-element analysis using pulsed neutrons Atsushi KIMURA Japan Atomic Energy Agency Japan 39.00
BL05 S-type 2014S03 -   Fundamental Physics with Pulsed Cold Neutrons Hiroyuki SHIMIZU Nagoya University Japan 92.00
BL10 IU 2014I0010 -   Study on Neutronic Performance of JSNS Kenichi OIKAWA Japan Atomic Energy Agency Japan 18.00
BL10 PU 2014P0601 -   Development of fundamental techniques for pulsed neutron imaging Yoshiaki KIYANAGI Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University Japan 24.00
BL10 PU 2014P0802 -   Development and Application of Neutron Optical devices and Detection System at BL10 Takayuki OKU Japan Atomic Energy Agency・J-PARC Center Japan 16.50
BL04 AU 2014BU0410 -   Measurement of leakage neutron brightness from para-hydrogen coupled moderators for ESS moderator development Masahide HARADA J-PARC Center, Japan Atomic Energy Agency Japan 1.00
BL10 -   1.00