Fast Track Proposal

J-PARC MLF has started a new proposal category for non-proprietary uses (free of charge) with mail-in program called Fast Track Proposal. The users send their samples to MLF, and MLF staffs carry out experiments on the user’s behalf and send the data. The Fast Track Proposal is only available on SuperHRPD, NOVA and PLANET . Users may download the application form, fill the form, and submit to UO ( at any time. The application will be reviewed for technical feasibility and safety before the proposal is accepted.

In each instrument, peer-reviewed proposals will take precedence over the Fast Track Proposal; the Fast Track Proposal cannot be guaranteed to be carried out at the particular time. The sample will not be sent back: disposal or temporal storage & take-home when the user visits MLF. After the experiment is accomplished, an experimental report shall be submitted to UO within 60 days before the next Fast Track Proposal is accepted.

Common issues

Aim: a feasibility study before a full proposal, urgent PhD work to complete the thesis, an additional experiment to complete the user’s proposed experiment, etc.
Limit: two days/cycle in all Fast Track Proposals


Experiment conditions: RT, 10 - 300 K within 24 hours
Number of temperature points: consult with instrumental scientists
Samples: send samples (powder form in general) to UO before one week of the Fast Track experiment


Experiment conditions: 20K - 700K within 24 hours (Max no. of sample is 8)
Sample: request sample holders to UO ( Install samples (powder form in general) into the holders, seal them, and return to UO:


Experiment conditions: High pressures up to 7 GPa and RT within 48 hours
Number of pressure points: consult with instrumental scientists
Samples: send powder samples of more than 200mm3 to UO before one week of the Fast Track experiment

Important Notice for sending your samples from outside Japan

There are regulations covering international shipping of chemicals. All required steps (e.g. paperwork, safety data sheet (SDS), customs procedures, etc.) for the entry of your samples to Japan have to be completed at your own responsibility and expense. MLF cannot assist you with this.

Since it may require a customs clearance procedure, it is recommended that you consult the delivery company.

Sample Shipping Address

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