Announcement of the J-PARC MLF 2018B General Use (Short Term) Proposal Round Call for Proposals

The Call for Proposals for the 2018B General Use (Short Term) Proposal is now CLOSED.

The J-PARC MLF is pleased to announce the opening of the 2018B General Use (Short Term) proposal round from Thursday 17 May 2018.

Researchers wishing to conduct experiments at any of the MLF neutron or muon beamlines during 2018B (November 2018 - March 2019) are invited to submit proposals via the J-PARC Proposal Submission System by the following deadline:

2018B General Use Proposal Submission Deadline: 17:00 (JST) Thursday 7 June, 2018

Please refer to the "MLF Experment Proposal Application Guidance".

* Demand on the Proposal Submission System is typically very high on the closing day. You are strongly recommended to submit your proposal well in advance of the deadline.


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Instruments available in 2018B at a glance…

Neutron Instruments

Neutron Diffraction

BL03 iBIX - IBARAKI Biological Crystal Diffractometer - IBARAKI
BL08 SuperHRPD - Super High-Resolution Powder Diffractometer - KEK
BL09 SPICA - Special Environment Powder Diffractometer - KEK
BL11 PLANET - High-Pressure Neutron Diffractometer - Public Beamline
BL18 SENJU - Extreme Environment Single-Crystal Neutron Diffractometer - Public Beamline
BL19 TAKUMI - Engineering Materials Diffractometer - JAEA
BL20 iMATERIA - IBARAKI Materials Design Diffractometer - IBARAKI
BL21 NOVA - High Intensity Total Diffractometer - KEK

Inelastic Neutron Scattering

BL01 4SEASONS - 4D-Space Access Neutron Spectrometer - Public Beamline
BL02 DNA - Biomolecular Dynamics Spectrometer – Public Beamline
BL06 VIN ROSE - Village of Neutron Resonance Spin Echo Spectrometers *(only MIEZE spectrometer) - KEK
BL12 HRC - High-Resolution Chopper Spectrometer - KEK
BL14 AMATERAS - Cold-Neutron Disk-Chopper Spectrometer - JAEA

SANS and Neutron Reflectometry

BL15 TAIKAN – Small and Wide Angle Neutron Scattering Instrument - Public Beamline
BL16 SOFIA - Soft Interface Analyzer - KEK
BL17 SHARAKU - Polarized Neutron Reflectometer – Public Beamline

Other Neutron Instruments

BL04 ANNRI - Accurate Neutron-Nucleus Reaction Measurement Instrument - JAEA
BL05 NOP - Neutron Optics and Fundamental Physics - KEK
BL10 NOBORU - NeutrOn Beam-line for Observation and Research Use - JAEA
BL22 RADEN - Energy Resolved Neutron Imaging System - Public Beamline

See here for more details of Neutron Instruments and beamline contacts.

Muon Instruments

Muon Spectroscopy

D1 Muon Spectrometer for Materials and Life Science Experiments - KEK
D2 Muon Spectrometer for Basic Science Experiments - KEK
S1 ARTEMIS – General purpose µSR spectrometer - KEK

See here for more details of Muon Instruments and beamline contacts.