On Oct. 28-30, 2002 at JAERI

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N-TAC agenda

___ Oct. 28, 2002 ___
––– Project Overviews Session –––
Closed session Committee member
I-01 Objectives and Introductory Guidance to the N-TAC Y. Ikeda
Greetings from the chairman of the advisory committee  J. White
I-02 Project Overview S. Nagamiya
I-03 Accelerator Overview Y. Yamazaki
––– Break –––
I-04 Materials and Life Science Facility Overview Y. Ikeda
Project schedule, budget and organization
Instrument planning committee, access from abroad
I-05 Design Philosophy M. Furusaka/ N. Watanabe
Design requirements, Individual shutter, cold source concept, shutter inserts?,
I-06 Instrument Overview M. Arai
Project-team Proposed Instruments, design-team organization, Strategy
––– JSNS Design Presentation Session-1 –––
II-01 Proton beam transport (3NBT) S. Sakamoto /S. Meigo
Lattice and beam profile, beam broadening
II-03 Cascade-target design for the muon facility Miyake /Meigo
II-04 Heat deposition, radio-activity and shielding calculation  Maekawa
Code system, target station, target and moderator, heat generation, dpa
––– Lunch –––
II-05 Target system Hino
Structure, thermal-hydraulic, structural analysis, Hg circulation system, target-trolley, safety-hull, heavy water cooling, life-time (5dpa), seal for Hg
Solid target back-up
II-08 Target remote-handling Kinoshita
––– JSNS Design Presentation Session-2 –––
III-01 Moderator-reflector system overview Teshigawara
Including neutronics, reflector Be & SS
Moderator neutronics
III-02 Coupled Kai
III-03 Decoupled and poisoned Harada
––– Break –––
Moderator-reflector engineering
III-04 Moderator mechanical structure Kogawa
III-07 Reflector mechanical structure & Water-flow ditto
III-05 Hydrogen flow in moderators Aso
___ adjourn ___
Join the party for the ground breaking ceremony (Crystal Palace)
______ Oct. 29, 2002 ______
––– JSNS Design Presentation Session-2 continued ---
Target station & shielding
Low-temperature system
III-08 Loop overview, purge system Aso
III-09 Cryogenic loops Ushijima
Flow scheme (parallel/series), hydrogen density, 
ortho-para, Temperature control, circulator
Reflector and reflector-plug
III-10 Moderator-reflector remote-handling, transfer-lines Teshigawara
––– JSNS Design Presentation Session-3 –––
IV-01 Target station structure Takada
Target station structure, shield block seal, He-vessel.
Shutter and shutter-insert remote-handling design, dry-air ventilation (temperature), neutron-beamline penetration
IV-02 Proton beam window Meigo
Proton beam window, monitor, pillow seal, remote handling
___ Break ___
IV-03 Target station shield design, shutter shield calculation., Maekawa
Radiation-level design-requirements, shielding calculation: bulk, neutron shutter, neutron beamline (inc. LANL exp.); T0 chopper activation, horizontal reflectometer beam extraction, etc
Conventional facility, Ancillary, Safety 
IV-04 Building layout & Ancillary design status Kaminaga
IV-05 Skyshine and other dose evaluation Konno
––– Target strategy, other material issues –––
V-01 Hg Pitting Futakawa
Progress after the SNS EFAC meeting
V-06 Project strategy on Hg target Y. Ikeda
V-07 Solid target backup Kiyanagi
___ Lunch ___
V-02 Material Kikuchi
AIC, Irradiation, Al
––– Discussion Session –––
Discussions for all technical design
___ Break ___
Discussions for all technical design
Executive session & report writing
Adjourn and reception
 ___ Oct. 30, 2002 ___ 
––– Summary Session –––
 Executive session & report writing-continued
 End of TAC
___ Lunch ___
––– Optional tour of JKJ site –––