Beginning of MLF user program in Run cycle #46 is postponed to January 14th.


The beginning day of MLF user program in run cycle#46 which was scheduled in January 13, 2013 was postponed in January 14 due to a trouble happened during the cool-down operation of cryogenic hydrogen circulation system. At 6:46 am in 11th of January 2013, a vacuum pump of the cryogenic hydrogen circulation system were stopped because it detected a vacuum failure. At the same time, the helium refrigerator in the system was stopped resulting in suspending cool-down process.

We found that a break of filament in a vacuum gage was the cause of trouble, and restarted the vacuum pump after replacing the broken gage with new one.
For our sorry, it takes time that hydrogen is cooled down to the rating temperature of 20K. We deeply apologize all for inconveniences.