July 26, 2013


Message from Director of J-PARC Center


          We have been working together to investigate the causes of the accident and to develop the efficient safety management system to prevent recurrence of similar accidents since the radioactive material leak accident at the Hadron Experimental Facility (HD Facility) on May 23.

          On June 21, the 1st meeting of the External Expert Panel (EEP) on the radioactive material leak was held. Since then, a meeting has been held every other week to review the safety management system and procedure to follow in emergency situations of J-PARC and to examine the suitability of countermeasures developed by the J-PARC Center based on the information from the Working Group of the EEP and also Investigation Teams of the J-PARC Center.

          We could have an occasion to explain the accident directly to representatives of local resident communities in Tokai-mura on July 25. Forty-seven representatives visited the HD Facility to see the recent status of the HD facility. Since July 16, we have opened the "hotline on the accident" and response to questions/concerns on the accident.

          We promise you to provide the safer environment for local residents as well as users when we would reopen the J-PARC facilities, although we are not in the situation to announce the exact reopening date. We would deeply appreciate your continuous support and understanding in advance.

    Sincerely yours,

    Yujiro Ikeda
    Director of the J-PARC Center


      The detailed information on the accident is available at the following URL:

      If you have any concerns/questions on the accident, please email to

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