On the restarting of Materials/Life Science Facility operation


  It is our deepest regret to have caused many troubles to our users at the MLF due to the problem in neutron target vessel, forcing us to stop the beam as announced on November the 24th. We have been investigating the target vessel since then.

  We will make the best use of whatever we will find from the investigation to make our operation more reliable for users. We have chosen the replacement target vessel to be the same type that had provided the most reliable performance in the past. This target vessel was designed for lower output power (200kW) so that we have to stay within this limit. This particular target vessel is under detailed examination (dimensional precision, pressure test, air-tightness, ultrasonic inspection) at the manufacturer to assure its robustness. After we complete these tests and evaluations, we will install the target vessel.

  We are planning to start sending beam to the neutron target by early February, aiming to provide user operation by mid February. We have been putting our best and sincere efforts toward this goal. I beg our users to give us a bit more time. I appreciate your understanding very much.


December 25th, 2015
J-PARC Center Director,
Naohito SAITO


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