The international workshop on

future potential of high intensity proton accelerator for particle and nuclear physics


October 13-15, 2015


The international workshop on future potential of high intensity proton accelerator for particle and nuclear physics (HINT2015) will be held at J-PARC, Tokai-Village, Ibaraki, Japan from 13th to 15th October, 2015.  This workshop follows the workshop held in December 2012 at J-PARC on “Future direction of Proton Intensity Frontier”.

The workshop will focus on  future prospects of high intensity proton accelerators and beams toward Multi-MW beam power and,  new frontier of particle and nuclear physics enabled by the high intensity beams.

This workshop is supported by

  • Grant‐in‐Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas, Unification and Development of the Neutrino Science Frontier
  • J-PARC center
  • KEK theory center

First bulletin


  • FInal workshop program was posted. (10/09/2015)
  • Information on participants staying at hotel Terrace Inn Katsuta was posted. (10/09/2015)
  • Information on poster session was posted. (09/18/2015)
  • The preliminary workshop program was posted. (09/09/2015)
  • Deadline for the poster abstract submission was extended from August 15 to August 31. (08/17/2015)


There will be sessions covering the following topics;

  • Present status and future plan of world high intensity proton accelerators
  • Technical challenges to realize Multi-MW accelerators
  • Technical challenges to realize Multi-MW beam facilities
  • Neutrino physics with high intensity beam
  • Kaon particle physics with high intensity beam
  • Muon particle physics with high intensity beam
  • Hypernuclear physics with high intensity beam
  • Hadron physics with high intensity beam
  • Neutron physics with high intensity beam


This workshop consists mainly of plenary sessions by invited speakers and one poster session. Also we plan to organize J-PARC site tour during afternoon of October 15. Tentative structure of the workshop is;

  • October 13: Registration, Plenary sessions, Poster session
  • October 14: Plenary sessions, Workshop diner
  • October 15: Plenary sessions, J-PARC site tour (afternoon), Adjourn


Participants are invited to present posters in fields of research related to the conference topics. Instructions for poster submission will be available later on the workshop website. Since space is limited, poster proposals will be submitted to a selection committee before acceptance. The organizers particularly encourage younger participants to play an active role in the workshop by presenting their work in the poster session. Deadline for the abstract submission is August 13 (extended to) August 31.


Limited amount of travel support is available. Speakers who needs travel support may contact us although our budget may not able to cover all requests.


The registration fee is 3,000 yen. Participation in the workshop dinner costs another 3,000 yen for regular participants, 1,000 yen for students. We will collect these fees in cash at the workshop reception desk.


International Advisory Committee (TBC)

Jean-Michel Poutissou (TRIUMF),

Hiroshi Amitsuka (Hokkaido),

Thomas Roser (BNL),

Fu Shinian (IHEP),

Sergio Bertolucci (CERN),

Robert Tschirhart (FNAL),

Robert Tribble (BNL),

Donald F. Geesaman (ANL),

Horst Stoecker (GSI),

Hajimu Yamana (NDF),

Hamid Aït  Abderrahim (SCK.CEN),

Leonid Rivkin (PSI),

Robert Robinson (ANSTO),

Andrew Dawson Taylor (STFC)


Gino Isidori (Frascati),

William A. Zajc (Columbia),

Simon I. Eidelman (Budker),

Tetsuo Hatsuta (RIKEN),

Kazunori Hanagaki (KEK),

Edward C. Blucher (Chicago),

Thomas E. Browder (Hawaii),

William C. Louis III (LANL),

Wolfram Weise (ECT*/TU Munich),

Ken’ichi Imai (JAEA),

Kunio Inoue (Tohoku),

Hajime Shimizu (ELPH, Tohoku),

Akinobu Dote (KEK),

Junji Haba (KEK)


Local organizing committee:

Naohito Saito (J-PARC center director, chair),

Mihoko Nojiri (KEK),

Junji Hisano (Nagoya),

Tadashi Koseki (KEK/J-PARC),

Kazuo Hasegawa (JAEA/J-PARC),

Masatoshi Futakawa (JAEA/J-PARC),

Yoshikazu Yamada (KEK/J-PARC),

Takashi Kobayashi (KEK/J-PARC),

Takeshi Komatsubara (KEK/J-PARC),

Tsuyoshi Nakaya (Kyoto),

Masashi Yokoyama (Tokyo),

Tetsuro Sekiguchi (KEK/J-PARC),

Wataru Ootani (ICEPP, Tokyo),

Akira Sato (Osaka),

Hajime Nanjo (Kyoto),

Toshiyuki Takahashi (KEK/J-PARC),

Kyoichiro Ozawa (KEK/J-PARC),

Hiroaki Ohnishi (RIKEN),

Hiroyuki Fujioka (Kyoto),

Akinobu Dote (KEK),

Yuhei Morino (KEK/J-PARC),

Tsutomu Mibe (KEK/J-PARC),

Toshifumi Tsukamoto (KEK/J-PARC),

Yuichi Oyama (KEK/J-PARC),

Kiyoshi TANIDA (JAEA),

Atsuko Ichikawa (Kyoto),

Satoshi Mihara (KEK/J-PARC),

Takeshi Nakadaira (KEK/J-PARC),

Hitoshi Takahashi (KEK/J-PARC),

Tadashi Nomura (KEK/J-PARC),

Shinsuke Kawasaki (KEK),

Kenji Mishima (KEK/J-PARC),

Masaaki Kitaguchi (Nagoya)

For any question, please contact the workshop secretariat ( hint2015-sec(at), +81-029-284-4831)