The international workshop on future potential of high intensity accelerators for particle and nuclear physics (HINT2016)

December 5-8, 2016

About the workshop

The international workshop on future potential of high intensity accelerators for particle and nuclear physics (HINT2016) will be held on December 5-8, 2016
at J-PARC, Tokai-village, Ibaraki, Japan.

The workshop will focus on future prospects of high intensity accelerator facilities and new frontiers of particle and nuclear physics explored by such facilities. While we are waiting for the new physics signals from the energy frontier experiments, high intensity frontier is gaining its importance especially to shape the new physics. Currently various flavor and hadron physics experiments are ongoing with fruitful physics results, and new experiments are also planned or under construction at J-PARC. Furthermore, future upgrades of the J-PARC accelerator and beamline toward multi-MW beam power are under discussion. In addition, SuperKEKB successfully completed its initial commissioning this year, and the Belle II experiment, currently under construction, is expected to start its physics run in the coming years. Sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas among theorists and experimentalists are crucial not only for the success of these projects but also for the future of high-intensity based exploration of new physics.

HINT is a workshop series starting in October 2015 at J-PARC ( This year it is a joint workshop with the KEK Flavor Factory (KEK-FF) workshop (


Deadline of both registration and poster submission is extended to October 31st.
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The topics covered will be:

 ・Present status and future plans for world's high intensity accelerators
 ・Neutrino physics, future prospects of leptonic CP phases
 ・Quark flavor physics of K, D and B mesons, and the physics of lepton-flavor violations of muon and tau
 ・Searching for physics beyond the Standard Model using high intensity experiments
 ・Exploring new forms of strongly interacting matter
 ・Technical challenges of realizing multi-MW proton accelerators and beam facilities

Meeting structure

All talks are invited in this workshop. A poster session will be organized to encourage presentations in fields of research related to the workshop topics. We also plan to organize a J-PARC site tour in the afternoon of December 8. Tentative structure of the workshop is;

 ・December 5 : Registration, Plenary sessions, Reception
 ・December 6 : Plenary sessions, Parallel sessions, Poster session, Banquet
 ・December 7 : Plenary sessions, Parallel sessions
 ・December 8 : Plenary sessions, J-PARC site tour (afternoon)

The following speakers are invited to this workshop (in alphabetical order):
 ・Jung Keun Ahn (Korea University)
 ・Hulya Atmacan (University of South Carolina)
 ・Johan Bijnens (Lund University)
 ・Christophe Bronner (Kavli IPMU)
 ・Alain Blondel (University of Geneva)
 ・Marco Calviani (CERN)
 ・Chris Densham (RAL)
 ・Megan Friend (KEK/J-PARC)
 ・Yuki Fujii (KEK)
 ・Aleksei Garmash (BINP)
 ・Evgueni Goudzovski (University of Birmingham)
 ・Atsushi Hosaka (Osaka RCNP)
 ・Hideaki Hotchi (J-PARC)
 ・Patrick Hurh (FNAL)
 ・Hiromi Iinuma (Ibaraki University)
 ・Masami Iio (KEK/J-PARC)
 ・Taku Izubuchi (RIKEN BNL)
 ・Hiroshi Kaji (KEK)
 ・Ichinori Kamiji (Kyoto University)
 ・Hiroyuki Kogawa (JAEA)
 ・Hiroaki Kurishita (JAEA)
 ・Thomas Kutter (Louisiana State University)
 ・Su Houng Lee (Yonsei University)
 ・Phillip Litchfield (ICL)
 ・Nobuhiro Maekawa (Nagoya University)
 ・Shiro Matoba (KEK/J-PARC)
 ・Satoshi Mihara (KEK/J-PARC)
 ・Satoshi Mishima (KEK)
 ・Hideki Miyake (KEK)
 ・Daniel Mohler (Mainz)
 ・Katsuro Nakamura (KEK)
 ・Hiroshi Ohki (RIKEN BNL)
 ・Hiroaki Ohnishi (RIKEN)
 ・Yoshiyuki Onuki (ICEPP, University of Tokyo)
 ・Masashi Otani (KEK/J-PARC)
 ・Hyo-In Park (Texas A&M University)
 ・Anton Poluektov (University of Warwick)
 ・Antonin Portelli (University of Southampton)
 ・Christian Pulvermacher (KEK)
 ・Yoichi Sato (KEK/J-PARC)
 ・Kiyomi Seiya (FNAL)
 ・Suguru Shimizu (Osaka University)
 ・Fumihiko Suekane (Tohoku University)
 ・Hitoshi Takahashi (KEK/J-PARC)
 ・Francesco Tenchini (University of Melbourne)
 ・Masahito Tomizawa (KEK/J-PARC)
 ・David Wark (RAL)
 ・Zhangbu Xu (BNL)
 ・Takeshi Yamamoto (KEK)
 ・Satoshi Yokkaichi (RIKEN)

Poster session

Participants are invited to present posters in fields of research related to the conference topics. Instructions for poster submission will be available here Since space is limited, poster proposals must be submitted to the selection committee before acceptance. The organizers particularly encourage younger participants to play an active role in the workshop by presenting their work in the poster session. Prizes will be awarded for the best posters, with winners receiving their prizes during the banquet. The deadline for abstract submission is October 21st (extended to) October 31st.

Travel support

A limited amount of travel support is available. Speakers who need travel support may contact us, although our budget may not be able to cover all requests.

Registration fee

The registration fee is 14,000 Yen for regular participants, 10,000 Yen for students. The fee also includes banquet. Fees are to be paid in cash at the workshop reception desk.

Organizing committee

Local organizing committee:

 ・Tetsuro Sekiguchi (KEK/J-PARC, chair),
 ・Motoi Endo (KEK, co-chair),
 ・Shohei Nishida (KEK, co-chair),
 ・Kazuya Aoki (KEK/J-PARC),
 ・Takashi Kaneko (KEK),
 ・Akihiro Minamino (Kyoto Univ.),
 ・Kenji Mishima (KEK/J-PARC),
 ・Osamu Morimatsu (KEK/J-PARC),
 ・Hajime Nishiguchi (KEK/J-PARC),
 ・Kiyoshi Tanida (JAEA),
 ・Manabu Togawa (Osaka Univ.),
 ・Shuei Yamada (KEK/J-PARC).