Research for accelerators

It has be made that the accelerator of J-PARC supplies the beam in "experiment using the beam" to be a mission. The experiment on the accelerator in the meaning which experiment using beam line and beam by doing proposal in MLF, is not carried out.
However, there is a program for the research, if you have the interesting theme.
Please see
in the web page of KEK,
in the web page of JAEA.

The following are written : Cooperative researches and acceptance regulation of the researcher, etc.. It will be done at J-PARC, when it is a theme using the proton accelerator.

This picture is an aspect of the cooperative research with the university.
Terminal Syugo

The following are also carried out : Not only cooperative research with the university but also cooperative research with the enterprise.

Enterprise and J-PARC

The accelerator of J-PARC aims at the performance of world the most advanced, and it requires the technology of the best in the world performance again.

-The building of the accelerator
-The magnetic manufacturing accuracy
-The magnetic installation accuracy
-The current run in the magnet
-The vacuum ( outer space ! )
-The higher frequency engineering
-The measuring technology
-The equipment for the control

There are much request which exceeded the common sense on these. Many enterprises realized the requirement. Therefore, the accelerators of J-PARC works. Everybody is very much thanked.

NU Line palet

Jiba TestatMaker TestatKEK

CoreofNet DSP MPS


There are some enterprises reported in the page of Web.
It consulted on whether the link was possible, and the link was made.

Special vacuum device: (Japanes only)
Major equipment: (Japanes only)
Network for the control: (Japanes only)

Please teach it, if you have a web page about work for J-PARC.