June 18, 2013



2nd Accelerator Facility Accident Report to Nuclear Regulation Authority

Incorporated Administrative Agency - Japan Atomic Energy Agency
Inter-University Research Institute - High Energy Accelerator Research Organization


  Subject :  The radioactive material leak at the Hadron Experimental Facility of the Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex  (J-PARC) 

          In accordance with Paragraph (1) of Article 42 of the Act on Prevention of Radiation Health Impairment Due to Radioisotope, etc. and Paragraph (1) of Article 39 of its enforcement ordinance, we report on the subject matter in the title as presented in an attachment.


     Main Text of the Report

     Attachment : Timeline of Incidents, Judgements, and Actions (a full version)

     The updated Summary of "Chronological Sequence of Events" as of June 18 is also available.



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