New Year’s Message of 2012 from the Project Director

to top   Last year was a very difficult year because of the big earthquake that made all of us to work very hard for the recovery of J-PARC. But it had a side effect of uniting us together in pursuing for good physics. Thanks to the great efforts, the three accelerators of J-PARC were recovered by last December and beam is now reaching experiment area. We will be offering beams to J-PARC experiments soon. In a way, this is the rebirth year for J-PARC.

  Before the earthquake disaster, we had achievements such as 6 electron-neutrinos were observed and new material for battery was developed. In addition to further developments on them, I expect to see outstanding results utilizing neutrino-, hadron-, neutron- and muon beams. For these, we shall push for internationalization of this facility to attract more researchers from outside of Japan as well as promoting for industrial applications of our achievements.

In pursuit of internationalization of J-PARC, we got a person in charge of internationalization at J-PARC and one Australian at the CROSS last year. We are determined to make J-PARC an real international facility.

  We need to develop good working relationship with industries. We shall put efforts to achieve this, starting from producing a guide book for industrial users.

The success to accelerate beam at the end of last year made the starting of this year a hopeful one. Now we must proceed for the real physics. I would like to thank all of you who has been encouraging and supporting J-PARC and would like to ask your continuing support of J-PARC.