BL No. Access Mode Proposal No. Category of Review field Title of Experiment Principal Investigater Affiliation Adopted BT
D1GU2009A0007Q1Magnetic and Strongly Correlated Electronic MaterialsCorrelation between Magnetism and Superconductivity in Iron-Oxypnictide SuperconductorsRyosuke KadonoHigh Energy Accelerator Research Organization3
D1GU2009A0016Q1Magnetic and Strongly Correlated Electronic MaterialsMagnetic ground state of a frustrated S=3/2 honeycomb antiferromagnet Bi3Mn4O12(NO3)Masaki AzumaKyoto University3
D1GU2009A0060Q1Magnetic and Strongly Correlated Electronic MaterialsMuSR study of magnetic properties of CaFe_2O_4-type NaMn_2O_4 and LiMn_2O_4Kazuyasu TokiwaTokyo University of Science3
D1GU2009A0086Q1Magnetic and Strongly Correlated Electronic MaterialsMicroscopic study of novel properties of f-electron systems by means of μSRWataru HigemotoJapan Atomic Energy Agency10
D1GU2009A0023Q2Chemical Physics and General ScienceMeasurements of an Extinction Ratio and a Muonic Atom Formation RateMasaharu AokiOsaka University3
D1GU2009A0031Q2Chemical Physics and General ScienceLithium diffusion in lithium-transition-metal-oxidesJun SugiyamaToyota Central R&D Labs. Inc3
D1GU2009A0055Q2Chemical Physics and General ScienceDevelopment of non-destructive multi-elemental analysis system by muonic X-rayKenya KuboInternational Christian University 3
D1GU2009A0075Q2Chemical Physics and General ScienceMuSR study on isolated hydrogen charge state in oxygen deficient SrTiO3Koichiro ShimomuraHigh Energy Accelerator Research Organization3
D1IU2009A0091Q2Chemical Physics and General ScienceMuon Beam Commissioning I for the Decay-Surface Muon ChannelYasuhiro MiyakeHigh Energy Accelerator Research Organization9