BL No. Access Mode Proposal No. Category of Review field Title of Experiment Principal Investigater Affiliation Adopted BT
D1GU2012A0039Q2Chemical Physics and General ScienceInvestigation of muonic nitrogen and oxygen atom velocities after muon capture on nitrogen dioxide moleculeKazuhiko NINOMIYAJapan Atomic Energy Agency4
D1GU2012A0044Q2Chemical Physics and General ScienceDiffusive behavior of garnet-type compoundsJun SUGIYAMAToyota Central R&D Labs. Inc5
D1GU2012A0051Q1Magnetic and Strongly Correlated Electronic MaterialsLow energy spin dynamics in d-electron heavy-fermion compound YMn2Zn20 probed by muSRRyosuke KADONOHigh Energy Accelerator Research Organization3
D1GU2012A0063Q2Chemical Physics and General SciencemuSR and muSR studies of hydrogen behavior in a new oxyhydride BaTi(O,H)3Takashi ITOJapan Atomic Energy Agency5
D1GU2012A0067Q2Chemical Physics and General ScienceMuon spin researches of valence-trapping and detrapping in mixed-valence trinuclear carboxylate iron complexesYoichi SAKAIDaido University2
D1GU2012A0071Q1Magnetic and Strongly Correlated Electronic MaterialsμSR study on frustrated quantum spin system (CuCl)La(Nb(1-x)Ta(x))2O7Seiko KAWAMURAJapan Atomic Energy Agency3
D1GU2012A0072Q2Chemical Physics and General SciencemuSR study on the behavior of trace hydrogen in high-pressure silicate mineralsFunamori NOBUMASAUniversity of Tokyo4
D1GU2012A0089Q2Chemical Physics and General ScienceStatic/dynamic behavior in MgH2 at high temperaturesJun SUGIYAMAToyota Central R&D Labs. Inc3
D1GU2012A0110Q2Chemical Physics and General ScienceCharacterization of the oxygen vacancy in TiO2 nano crystal by muon spin relaxationKoichiro SHIMOMURAHigh Energy Accelerator Research Organization 3
D1GU2012A0128Q1Magnetic and Strongly Correlated Electronic MaterialsDevelopment of high pressure cell for muon spin rotation and relaxation experiments at J-PARC/MUSE and its application to organic systemsKazuhiko SATOHSaitama University3
D1GU2012A0149Q1Magnetic and Strongly Correlated Electronic MaterialsmuSR study of the magnetism and superconductivity in the multi-layer Bi-2223 high-Tc superconductorTadashi ADACHITohoku University4
D2GU2012A0095Q2Chemical Physics and General ScienceDevelopment of non-destructive and multi-elemental analysis system by muonic X-rayKenya KUBOInternational Christian University4
D2GU2012A0141Q2Chemical Physics and General ScienceMu emission from alkali-metal coated tungsten surfacesYasuyuki NAGASHIMATokyo University of Science6
D2GU2012A0150Q2Chemical Physics and General ScienceStudies of free radical reactions in methanolkhashayar ghandiHigh Energy Accelerator Research Organization 3
D2GU2012A0151Q2Chemical Physics and General ScienceThe electronic structure and magnetic properties of copper nanoparticles stabilized with organic surfactantskhashayar ghandiHigh Energy Accelerator Research Organization 5
UPU2012SM0001--Ultra Slow Muon MicroscopeEiko TORIKAIYamanashi University-