BL No. Access Mode Proposal No. Category of Review field Title of Experiment Principal Investigater Affiliation Adopted BT
BL03GU2013B0032P3Soft Matter, Biomaterials and LiquidsNeutron crystallographic analysis of human farnesyl pyrophosphate synthase complexed with bisphosphonateTakeshi YOKOYAMAUniversity of Toyama 12
BL08GU2013B0133P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsLong periodical Chiral Helimagnetism in Inorganic Chiral Compounds: T1/3NbSe2 (T = Transition Metal)Yusuke KOUSAKAAoyama Gakuin University10
BL08GU2013B0198P1Materials Science and EngineeringStructural Understanding of the Electrical Properties in the Novel Structural Typed Mixed-Ionic and Electronic Conducting MaterialsKotaro FUJII Tokyo Institute of Technology4.5
BL08GU2013B0250P7Industrial ApplicationsCrystal structure analysis of oxide ion conductor for SOFC by neutron diffractionHiroyuki IWAI?NORITAKE CO.,LIMITED?2
BL11GU2013B0030P1Materials Science and EngineeringIn Situ Neutron Diffraction Study of the Crystal and Magnetic Structures of FeD Synthesized by Deutration of Fe at High Temperature and High PressureKatsutoshi AOKITohoku University3.5
BL11GU2013B0034P1Materials Science and EngineeringHydrogen in iron formed by the reaction of iron, silicate, and water under high-pressure and high-temperature conditionsTakehiko YAGIEhime University 3.5
BL11GU2013B0066P3Soft Matter, Biomaterials and LiquidsOrientation of Water Molecules around Ca2+ and Cl- Ions in Aqueous CaCl2 Solutions at High Temperatures and PressuresToshiyuki TAKAMUKUSaga University 2
BL11GU2013B0095P1Materials Science and EngineeringHydrogen position of Al-bearing hydrous silicate perovskiteToru INOUEEhime University 4
BL11GU2013B0105P1Materials Science and EngineeringExploring stability region of ice under low temperature and high pressure - Is iceXV really stable phase of ice? -Kazuki KOMATSUUniversity of Tokyo4.5
BL11GU2013B0118P1Materials Science and EngineeringDistortion of CaSiO3 perovskite at lower mantle conditionsAsami SANOJapan Atomic Energy Agency4.5
BL11GU2013B0155P3Soft Matter, Biomaterials and LiquidsStructural change of liquid water under high-pressure and high-temperature conditionsYoshinori KATAYAMAJapan Atomic Energy Agency6
BL18GU2013B0081P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsMagnetic structure of a single crystal of YBaCuFeO5Kazuki OHISHI Comprehensive Research Organization for Science and Society Research Center5
BL18GU2013B0100P2Energy SciencePrecise Crystal Structure Analysis of Apatite-Type Interstitial-Oxide-Ion ConductorsMasatomo YASHIMA Tokyo Institute of Technology 4
BL18GU2013B0114P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsCe substitution effect on the magnetic form factor in the electron-doped cuprate oxideMasaki FUJITATohoku university 3
BL18GU2013B0262P2Energy ScienceCrystal structure of Lithium ion conducting Li7La3Zr2O12Kunimitsu KATAOKA National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) 5
BL19GU2013B0096P1Materials Science and EngineeringMeasurement of stress distribution along rebar in reinforced concrete around cracks using pulsed neutron diffractionHiroshi SUZUKIJapan Atomic Energy Agency3
BL19GU2013B0098P1Materials Science and EngineeringInternational Benchmarking Test on ITER Nb3Sn Strand = Principal Contribution to Clarify Exact Local Strain =Kozo OSAMURAResearch Institute for Applied Sciences Research Lab.6
BL19GU2013B0149P1Materials Science and EngineeringMeasurement and modeling of residual stress distribution in dissimilar invar joint by HIPHiroshi SUZUKIJapan Atomic Energy Agency3
BL19GU2013B0210P7Industrial Applications中性子回折法による超音波衝撃処理した溶接継ぎ手のUIT処理後およびUIT処理後過大荷重後の残留応力測定Tamaki SUZUKINippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation5
BL20GU2013B0027P1Materials Science and EngineeringEffects of charge and discharge cycles on crystal structure of vacuum-reduced Li(Mn,Co,Ni,Li)O2-d cathodeYasushi IDEMOTOTokyo University of Science 4
BL20GU2013B0178P2Energy ScienceCrystal Structure Analysis of Novel AA’BO4-Based Mixed and Ionic ConductorsMasatomo YASHIMA Tokyo Institute of Technology 1.5
BL20GU2013B0197P1Materials Science and EngineeringCrystal structure analysis of pure Li2MnO3 cathode material with high cyclic performanceTakashi MOCHIKUNational Institute for Materials Science Superconducting Properties Unit1.041666667
BL20GU2013B0279P1Materials Science and EngineeringHydrogen’s position, occupancy and chemistry in dense hydrous minerals in earth’s interiorTakuo OKUCHI Okayama University 1.5
BL21GU2013B0005--Structural analysis of anode materialIzuru KANOYAHonda R&D Co,.Ltd-
BL21GU2013B0099P6Fundamental Physics, Nuclear Science and Instrument R&DNeutron diffraction imaging of an ammonite nodule in Devonian periodShinichi SHAMOTOJapan Atomic Energy Agency3
BL21GU2013B0109P5Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Electron SystemsObservation of temperature development of ”charge glass state” in perovskite oxides by using PDF analysisKatsuaki KODAMA Japan Atomic Energy Agency 2.5
BL21GU2013B0206P1Materials Science and EngineeringLocal structure of CuNi alloy; a possible replacement candidate for PdTaku SATO J Tohoku University 2
BL21GU2013B0228P3Soft Matter, Biomaterials and LiquidsStructure of low-temperature water confined in ordered mesoporous carbonToshio YAMAGUCHIFukuoka University Department of Chemistry6