Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility

Accepted Proposals


General use
No. 装置 課題タイトル 申請代表 所属 採択日数
2009B0049 BL-03 Disordered crystal structure and intrinsic temperature factors of an electride by TOF neutron diffraction Kiyoaki Tanaka Nagoya Univ 8
2009B0013 BL-08 Crystal structure of xLi2MnO3-(1-x)LiMn1/3Ni1/3Co1/3O2 as a cathode active material for lithium ion battery Yasushi Idemoto Tokyo University of Science 2
2009B0015 BL-08 Materials design based on ferroelectric crystal structure for Bi-based perovskite ferroelectric oxides Yuji NOGUCHI University of Tokyo 2
2009B0033 BL-08 Line profile study of the evolution of the microstructure of magnesium alloys during deformation. Donald Brown Los Alamos National Laboratory 3
2009B0039 BL-08 Crystal structure analysis of Thio-LISICONs - Super ionic conductor for lithium batteries Ryoji Kanno Tokyo Institute of Technology 1
2009B0043 BL-08 Precise structure determination of newly synthesized Cu(II) (S=1/2) equilateral triangular lattice compound above and below the second order structural phase transition temperature of 18 K Sadamu Takeda Hokkaido University 2
2009B0008 BL-10 半導体素子のシングルイベント耐性試験に係る白色中性子場のフィージビリティ評価(その2) H. Asai HIREC Corporation 2
2009B0019 BL-10 High Magnetic Field Neutron Diffractions in Frustrated Multi-ferroics Hiroyuki NOJIRI Tohoku University 5
2009B0022 BL-10 Experimental test of TOF-MIEZE spectrometer Masahiro Hino Kyoto University 8
2009B0029 BL-10 High field magnetic structure of single crystal multiferroic BiFeO3 Je-Geun Park Sungkyunkwan univ. KOREA 4
2009B0031 BL-10 Experimental study on a calibration method of devices for neutrons from thermal to several 100 MeV using a spallation neutron source Tetsuro Matsumoto National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology 1
2009B0003 BL-14 Actual Ground State of Higher-Rank Multipolar Ordered State in Pr-filled Skutterudite Kazuaki Iwasa Tohoku University 3
2009B0012 BL-14 Measurement of the slow dynamics of water molecules in lower alcohol solutions and its relation to the hydrophobic hydration. Kenji Maruyama Niigata University 3
2009B0024 BL-14 Investigation of Li diffusion by quasielastic neutron scattering for high Li ionic conductor, garnet-related Li6La3Nb2O12. Kazuya Kamazawa TOYOTA CENTRAL R&D LABS., INC. 3
2009B0044 BL-14 Observation of magnetic ordering and excitation in triangular antiferromagnetic copper compound Sadamu Takeda Hokkaido University 4
2009B0007 BL-16 ナフィオン薄膜の含水構造解析 Masashi Harada TOYOTA CENTRAL R&D LABS., INC. 3
2009B0011 BL-16 Measuremnt of duetrium and hydorgen content of DLC film by neutron reflectivity. Kazuhide Ozeki Ibaraki University 2
2009B0002 BL-19 In situ investigation of residual strain measurement and texture analysis by Bragg-edge transmission method Kenji Iwase Ibaraki University 0
2009B0004 BL-19 In situ neutron diffraction study for Fe-based shape memory materials Hiroyuki Yasuda Osaka University 3
2009B0006 BL-19 Competition Behavior among Static Recovery, Recrystallization of Martensite and Precipitation of Austenite during Annealing in Cold Rolled Martensite 17Ni-0.2C Steel Pingguang Xu Japan Atomic Energy Agency 2
2009B0009 BL-19 SCC crack propagation characteristics from Inconel weld metal to low-alloyed steel Yo Tomota Ibaraki University 3
2009B0010 BL-19 エンジン用ピストンの残留応力評価 (2) Tatsumi Hirano Hitachi 2
2009B0017 BL-19 Heterogeneous Deformation Behavior of Ti Alloys Studied by In-Situ Neutron Diffraction During Tensile Deformation Satoshi Morooka Yokohama national university 2
2009B0018 BL-19 Work Hardening Mechanism of Middle Carbon Steels Studied by In-situ TOF Neutron Diffraction During Tensile Deformation Satoshi Morooka Yokohama national university 0
2009B0021 BL-19 自動車アルミ鋳造部品の内部残留応力計測 Jun Kubo Nissan Motor Coorporation 1
2009B0025 BL-19 Development of In-situ material evaluation technique using TAKUMI diffractometer Hiroshi Suzuki Japan Atomic Energy Agency 3
2009B0042 BL-19 Local crystal rotation and misfit strain after high temperature creep in a single-crystal nickel-base superalloy Yoshinori Shiota Japan Atomic Energy Agency 2
2009B0048 BL-19 Partial ordering in high-pressure ice polymorphs Hiroyuki Kagi University of Tokyo 0
2009B0016 BL-20 Structural analyses of new LoCoO2 for lithium-ion batteries Shinichi Komaba Tokyo University of Science 1.5
2009B0027 BL-20 Study on preferred orientation analysis with the comparison of the diffraction and transmission measurements Takashi Kamiyama Hokkaido University 1
2009B0028 BL-20 Residual strain measurement for practical Nb3Sn wire by neutron diffraction Hidetoshi Oguro Ibaraki Univ. 2
2009B0038 BL-20 Crystal structure analysis of Li2MnO3 reduced by metal hydride - New cathode material for lithium batteries Ryoji Kanno Tokyo Institute of Technology 0
2009B0040 BL-20 The determination of mixture state of hydrophobic molecule and water in hydrophobic small spaces Taku Iiyama Shinshu University 1.5
2009B0051 BL-20 Preliminary Studies on Jomon Pottery (Cord Impressed Ware between 0 - B.C.13000) Takashi Kamiyama High Energy Accelerator Research Organization 2
2009B0005 D1 Li diffusion in LiCrO(2) jun sugiyama Toyota Central R&D Labs. Inc 7
2009B0014 D1 Pre-martensitic phenomena of thermoelastic martensitic transformation in NiTi alloys studied by muon Mototsugu Mihara Osaka University 3
2009B0020 D1 Applications of imaging plates to the research on muon science Masao Doyama Teikyo University of Science and Technology 1
2009B0023 D1 Spin dynamics in multiferroic perovskite TbMnO3 probed by muon spin relaxation Akihiro Koda High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) 2
2009B0032 D1 Measurement of an Extinction Ratio of MLF Proton Beam Masaharu Aoki Osaka University 1
2009B0034 D1 Internal magnetic field in SDW state of EuFe2As2 (mother compound for punictide superconductivity) shinsaku kambe Japan Atomic Energy Agency 3
2009B0035 D1 Study on the relation between molecular structure and muon state of the first step of muon capture phenomena for nitrogen and oxygen compounds Kazuhiko NINOMIYA Japan Atomic Energy Agency 3
2009B0036 D1 µSR study of Magnetic Frustration in Ce2Ni5C3 with the Shastry-Sutherland Lattice just above Tc Masashi Kosaka Saitama University 2
2009B0037 D1 µSR study on a Mott State in the Iridium oxides Hirotaka Okabe Aoyama Gakuin University 3
2009B0050 D1 Studies of Muonium formation in liquids khashayar ghandi Faculty member 3
2009B0054 D1 Hydrogen diffusion in NaTl-type intermetallic compound LiAl Hiroyuki Sugai Japan Atomic Energy Agency 2
2009B0054 D1 Hydrogen diffusion in NaTl-type intermetallic compound LiAl Hiroyuki Sugai Japan Atomic Energy Agency 2
Instrument group use
No. 装置 課題タイトル 申請代表 所属 採択日数
2009B0052 BL-16 Structural Properties of Soft-interfaces / Comissioning and Development of High-Performance Neutron Reflectometer ARISA-II Hideki Seto High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) 35