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General use
No. 装置 分野※ 課題タイトル 申請代表 所属 採択日数
2010A0003 BL-01 P5 High energy spin excitation in spin singlet trimer state of BaV10O15 Naoyuki Katayama University of Virginia 6
2010A0004 BL-01 P5 Evolution of magnetic excitations with Se substitution in Fe1.01SexTe1-x near the quantum critical point Naoyuki Katayama University of Virginia #
2010A0005 BL-01 P5 Magnetic fluctuations in Sr2RuO4 Naoyuki Katayama University of Virginia 5
2010A0014 BL-01 P5 Spin and orbital excitations in spinel vanadate Hajime Sagayama Tohoku University 3
2010A0070 BL-01 P5 Study of Ni-doping effect on the magnetic excitation in high-Tc cuprates La1.85Sr0.15CuO4 Masato Matsuura Osaka University #
2010A0010 BL-03 P1 Single crystal neutron diffraction study of microcrystalline powder of biomolecules by pseudo-single crystal method Tsunehisa Kimura Kyoto University 3
2010A0084 BL-03 P1 Crystal structure of a lead-based inorganic-organic perovskite (C5H10NH2)PbBr3 Miwako Takahashi University of Tsukuba 4
2010A0027 BL-03 P4 Neutron diffraction study of apo-D-Xylose isomerase in complex with per-deuterated D-glucose Andrey Kovalevsky Los Alamos National Laboratory 2
2010A0029 BL-03 P4 Neutron diffraction analysis of disodium uridine 5'-monophosphate heptahydrate in low temperature phase Yoko Sugawara Kitasato University 1
2010A0006 BL-08 P1 Effects of a synthetic process and a heat-treatment on crystal structures of lithium-rich layered cathode active materials for lithium ion battery Yasushi Idemoto Tokyo University of Science 2
2010A0019 BL-08 P1 Structural studies of Ir oxides, Sr2IrO4 and Sr3Ir2O7 Yasushi Idemoto Tokyo University of Science 2
2010A0023 BL-08 P1 Investigations of ferroelectric crystal structures for Bi-based perovskite ferroelectric oxides Yuji Noguchi University of Tokyo 2
2010A0030 BL-08 P1 Structural origin of large oxygen permeability in the Pr2NiO4-based mixed conductors Yuji Noguchi University of Tokyo 2
2010A0037 BL-08 P1 Positional disorder and crystal structure of ceria-zirconia catalysts; structural origin for high bulk oxygen diffusivity and high catalytic activity? Masatomo Yashima Tokyo Institute of Technology 1
2010A0039 BL-08 P1 Phase separation in SmVO3 Brendan Kennedy Professor 3
2010A0054 BL-08 P1 HRPD characterization of two rare earth fluorite-related compounds: La(Sb0.5Co0.5)3Ox(1) and La12CaCr4O30(2) Yingxia Wang Peking University, CHINA 1
2010A0060 BL-08 P1 Crystal structure analysis of Thio-LISICONs - Super ionic conductor for lithium batteries Ryoji Kanno Tokyo Institute of Technology 1
2010A0068 BL-08 P1 Ordering and stabilization of Pb- and Bi- doped La2Mo2O9 Shigeomi Takai Tottori University 2
2010A0083 BL-08 P1 Neutron powder diffraction studies of lithium battery electrode materials with tunnel structure Norihito Kijima AIST 1
2010A0067 BL-08 P5 Structural study on novel pyrochlore-type oxides showing metal-insulator transition Ayako Yamamoto RIKEN 2
2010A0074 BL-08 P5 Co spin-state ordering in Sr1-xRxCo4O10.5 (R=Rare Earth) Hironori Nakao KEK 2
2010A0034 BL-10 P5 High Magnetic Field Neutron Diffractions in Frustrated Multi-ferroics Hiroyuki Nojiri Tohoku University 10
2010A0021 BL-10 P7 半導体素子のシングルイベント耐性試験に係る白色中性子場のフィージビリティ評価(その3) 浅井 弘彰 HIREC Corporation 1
2010A0011 BL-10 P8 Development of neutron detectors Tatsuya Nakamura JAEA 4
2010A0038 BL-10 P8 Development of new type MgB2 neutron detector Ishida Takekazu Osaka Prefecture University 4
2010A0075 BL-14 P2 Relaxation mechanism in molecular liquid with strong intermolecular correlations Yukinobu Kawakita Kyushu University 4
2010A0042 BL-14 P4 Sequence dependent DNA dynamics by TOF-elastic resolution spectroscopy Hiroshi Nakagawa JAEA 8
2010A0008 BL-14 P5 Spin dynamics of new multiferroic BiFeO3 single crystal Je-Geun Park Sungkyunkwan Univ., KOREA 4
2010A0044 BL-14 P5 Spin dynamics in novel rare-earth based single-molecule magnets Maiko Kofu University of Tokyo 7
2010A0077 BL-16 P5 Salt distribution at the interface between water and organic solvent Hideki Seto KEK 2
2010A0057 BL-16 P3 Interface structure analysis of lithium battery electrodes using neutron reflectometry Ryoji Kanno Tokyo Institute of Technology 4
2010A0022 BL-16 P7 ナフィオン/プラチナ界面の構造解析 原田 雅史 株式会社豊田中央研究所 3
2010A0025 BL-16 P7 中性子反射率法による高分子薄膜/高分子薄膜界面の構造解析 簗嶋 裕之 住友化学㈱ 2
2010A0012 BL-19 P1 Residual strain measurements of geological material Jun Abe JAEA 2
2010A0047 BL-19 P1 In situ neutron diffraction during bainitic transformation from plastically deformed austenite Yo Tomota Ibaraki University 4
2010A0048 BL-19 P1 In situ neutron diffraction during tension- compression cyclic deformation in advanced steels and cast irons Yo Tomota Ibaraki University 3
2010A0050 BL-19 P1 Flux-pinning-induced stress and magnetostriction in bulk superconductors Masaru Tomita Railway Technica l Research Institute 3
2010A0081 BL-19 P1 Three dimensional strain analysis of the Nb3Sn superconducting composite cables Satoshi Awaji Tohoku University #
2010A0085 BL-19 P1 Neutron diffraction study of sintering reaction processes for superconducting materials Yoshinori Tsuchiya NIMS 3
2010A0013 BL-19 P7 エンジン用ピストンの残留応力評価 (3) 平野 辰巳 ㈱日立製作所
2010A0024 BL-19 P7 自動車アルミ鋳造部品の内部残留応力計測 濱名 雅之 日産自動車 2
2010A0065 BL-19 P7 中性子回折法による超音波打撃処理した十字継手溶接鋼板および溶接まま十字溶接鋼板内部の残留応力測定 鈴木 環輝 新日本製鐵㈱ 3
2010A0017 BL-19 P8 R&D of a time-spatial-focusing crystal-analyzer for neutron inelastic spectrometers Nobuaki Takahashi JAEA 1
2010A0001 BL-20 P1 Crystal and magnetic structures in (1-x)BiFeO3-xBaTiO3 with relaxor-like Behavior Minoru Soda Osaka University 1
2010A0049 BL-20 P1 Research on structure-function relationships in the high ion conductor Dyah Adipranoto Ibaraki University 1
2010A0058 BL-20 P1 Crystal structure analysis of Li2MO3 (M=Co, Ni, Mn) reduced by metal hydride - New cathode material for lithium batteries Ryoji Kanno Tokyo Institute of Technology 1
2010A0064 BL-20 P1 Studies on Jomon pottery (cord impressed ware from B.C.13000) Takashi Kamiyama KEK 3
2010A0073 BL-20 P1 Residual strain measurement for Nb3Sn strand cable by neutron diffraction Hidetoshi Oguro Ibaraki University 2
2010A0032 BL-20 P3 The investigation of the change of hydrogen- bonding structure of water molecular assemblies with the size of hydrophobic nanospace Taku Iiyama Shinshu University 1.5
2010A0055 BL-20 P5 Neutron scattering study of the highly diluted spinel ferrite Hiroaki Mamiya NIMS 0.5
※分野 P1: Crystal, P2: Liquid &Amorphous, P3: Nano-materials, P4: Bio-Materials, P5: Magnetism & Strongly-Correlated System, P6: Fundamental Physics, P7: Industrial Applications, P8: Research & Development
# Accepted as a project proposal
Project use, Instrument group use, KEK S型課題 一般課題実施装置分
No. 装置 課題分類※ 課題タイトル 申請代表 所属 採択日数
2009A0093 BL-01 IU Commissioning of the 4SEASONS spectrometer Ryoichi Kajimoto JAEA 13
2010A0086 BL-01 PU Dynamical studies of functional materials from the perspective of glassy science Mitsutaka Nakamura JAEA 4
2009A0087 BL-01 PU Neutron scattering study of high-Tc superconductors Masatoshi Arai JAEA 17
2009S05 BL-08 S-type Structural study of functional materials and development of advanced methodology using SuperHRPD Yukio Noda Tohoku Univ. 29
2009A0058 BL-10 IU Study on neutronic performance of JSNS Fujio Maekawa JAEA 11
2009A0081 BL-10 PU Research and development of energy selective neutron imaging technique Masahito Matsubayashi JAEA 10
2009A0083 BL-10 PU Development and application of neutron optical and detection systems Jun-ichi Suzuki JAEA 6
2009A0084 BL-10 PU Prompt gamma-ray analysis on NOBORU Yoshimi Kasugai JAEA 3
2009A0092 BL-14 IU Commissioning of AMATERAS Kenji Nakajima JAEA 11
2010A0086 BL-14 PU Dynamical studies of functional materials from the perspective of glassy science Mitsutaka Nakamura JAEA 4
2009A0073 BL-14 PU Magnetic excitations in quantum spin systems and frustrated magnets Kazuhisa Kakurai JAEA 8
2009A0089 BL-14 PU Neutron scattering study of high-Tc superconductors Masatoshi Arai JAEA 4
2009S08 BL-16 S-type Analysis of dynamics at nano interface of functional soft matter Atsushi Takahara Kyushu Univ. 39
2009A0094 BL-19 IU Residual stress study on BL19 Kazuya Aizawa JAEA 9
2009A0082 BL-19 PU Development of high pressure devices for neutron powder diffraction study Wataru Utsumi JAEA 8
2009A0085 BL-19 PU Stress/ strain effects on industrial superconducting composites Stefanus Harjo JAEA 8
※分野 IU: Instrument group use,PU: Project use,S-type: KEK S型課題
【Project use,Instrument group use,KEK S型課題】 一般課題未実施装置分
No. 装置 課題分類※ 課題タイトル 申請代表 所属 採択日数
- BL-04 IU Development and application of neutron detection systems Hideo Harada JAEA 50
2009S03 BL-05 S-type Fundamental Physics with Pulsed Cold Neutrons Hirohiko Shimizu KEK 50
2010S01 BL-12 S-type Studies on Dynamics in Condensed Matters by using the High Resolution Chopper Spectrometer Shin'ichi Itoh KEK 50
2009S06 BL-21 S-type Fundamental research of hydrogen storage mechanism with high-intensity total diffractometer Toshiya Otomo KEK 50
※分野 IU: Instrument group use,S-type: KEK S型課題