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Message from the Division Head

28 May 2013

Dear MLF Users,

Many of you will be aware of the radiation contamination accident that occurred at the Hadron Experimental Facility of J-PARC on 23 May 2013. As a result of this accident, all the accelerators and experimental facilities at J-PARC have been shut down until further notice.

A full investigation of the circumstances surrounding the accident is now underway along with a complete review of safety practices and situation response procedures at all J-PARC facilities.

Above all, it is essential that we restore social trust and the entire staff of J-PARC MLF are now making every effort towards this goal of rebuilding confidence in the facility.

It is unclear at this time when operations at J-PARC will resume. It is expected, however, that the current shutdown will continue for some time.

I would like to express my sincere apologies for the inconvenience and disruption that these circumstances will cause. I thank you for your understanding and ongoing support.

Masatoshi Arai
Materials and Life Science Division
J-PARC Center

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