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Information of the target problem at the MLF

20th November 2015

Dear all Materials & Life Science Facility users,

MLF user operation had to be stopped at midnight on the 20th of November due to an unexpected trouble of the neutron target vessel. It had been confirmed that there was no leakage of radioactive materials from the target vessel, neither was any radiation problems in the experimental halls as well as outside of the facility.

We have decided to replace the target vessel to investigate the cause of the problem in detail to assure more reliable operation. As the result, we deeply regret that we had to stop the MLF user operation till the end of December 2015. We will be keep updating you on the situation. We sincerely apologize to cause you all sorts of troubles and we will do the best we can for earlier recovery. We deeply appreciate your understanding.

Naohito Saito
Director of J-PARC Center

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