Poster session

16:15-17:30, Feb. 4

PI01 Universal Event Recording DAQ System in J-PARC/MLF
Takeshi Nakatani, J-PARC
PI02 Development of New Special Environment Powder Neutron Diffractometer, SPICA
Masao Yonemura, KEK
PI03 Development of New Rietveld Code as Powder Diffraction Analysis Suite, Z-Code
Masao Yonemura, KEK
PI04 Current Status of Extreme Environment Single Crystal Neutron Diffractometer SENJU at J-PARC
Takashi Ohhara, CROSS-Tokai
PI05 Development of neutron TOF measurement system using an image intensifier and a high speed camera
Hiroki Ueno, Hokkaido University
PI06 Numerical study of MAGIC chopper performance by Monte Carlo simulation
Kazuhiko Ikeuchi, CROSS-Tokai
PI07 A Cold-Neutron Disk Chopper Spectrometer, AMATERAS
Tetsuya Kikuchi, J-PARC
PI08 Current Status of the Small and Wide Angle Neutron Scattering Instrument (TAIKAN) of J-PARC
Shin-ichi Takata, JAEA
PI09 Present Status of a New Pulsed Neutron Imaging Instrument at J-PARC
Mariko Segawa, J-PARC
Soft Matter
PS01 NR Studies on the Stimuli-Triggered Changes in Polymer Thin Films with Different MWs
Yeongseon Jang & Hyunjoo Son, Chem&Bio.Eng., SNU
PS02 SANS Studies on the Effect of Additives on the Morphology of Organic Solar Cells
Jongkuk Ko, Chem&Bio.Eng., SNU
PS03 Dynamics of PEO Chain in Micro-phase Separated Structure Formed by Liquid-crystal Amphiphilic Di-block Copolymer
Takeshi Yamada, CROSS-Tokai
PS04 Chain dimension of ring polystyrenes in solutions studied by SANS
Hiroki Sawaki, Nagoya Univ.
PS05 Chain dimension of ring polystyrenes in bulk studied by SANS
Yuki Kobayashi, Nagoya Univ.
PS06 Calculation of Space-time Correlation Function on Liquid Benzene by using MEM
Tetsuya Kikuchi, J-PARC
PS07 Moisture effect on Double network polymers using J-PARC/TAIKAN(BL15)
Taiki Tominaga, J-PARC
Hard Matter
PH01 Study of direct relations between the spiral spin ordering and electric polarization in Mn1-xCoxWO4
Young-Sang SONG, Dept. of Physics, Korea University
PH02 Heliconical magnetic ordering and field-induced electric polarization in Zn2Y and Co2Y hexaferrites
Hak Bong Lee, Dept. of Physics, Korea University
PH03 Sinlge Crystal Neutron Diffraction of Magnetoelectric Co2Z hexaferrite
Hun Chang, Dept. of Physics, Korea University
PH04 Neutron scattering studies in non-centrosymmetric superconductors CeTSi3 (T=Rh,Ir)
Naofumi Aso, Univ. of the Ryukyus
PH05 Structure of SiO2-GeO2 glasses by J-PARC NOVA
Kentaro Suzuya, JAEA
Hiroyuki Hasemi, Hokkaido University.=