Time Table for Neutron School, EC Meeting and Facility Directors Meeting

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ver.2.3: 24 Apr, 2013

ver. 2.3; 24 Apr, 2013

Time Table on Tuesday 18 June (IQBRC)

ver.3.3: 10 Mar 2013

9:10 Welcome M.Shibayama (ISSP),
Y.Ikeda (J-PARC),
Y.Fujii (AONSA)
9:30 General introduction to neutron scattering 1
The basic knowledge of neutron, neutron scattering.
Wen-Hsien Li (Taiwan)
10:15 General introduction to neutron scattering 2
Generation of neutron beam/pulses, facilities in the world, and application of neutron scattering science.
Shane Kennedy (Australia)
11:00 J-PARC and JRR-3 M. Arai (Jpn),
M. Shibayama (Jpn)
11:45 Break, photograph, lunch
13:00 Overview of time-of-flight measurements K. Nakajima (Jpn)
13:30 Overview of elastic scattering (diffraction) Chris Ling (Australia)
14:00 Overview of small-angle scattering techniques V.K. Aswal (India)
14:30 Overview of reflectivity Yuntao Liu (China)
15:00 Break
15:30 Overview of material research by neutron scattering Wan Chuck Woo (Korea)
16:00 Overview of inelastic neutron scattering techniques T.J. Sato (Jpn)
16:30 Safety, entry, regulations (J-PARC) R. Ohuchi (Jpn)

Excursion and Banquet on Friday 21 June

ver. 7 May 2013

JAXA; Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Date and time: 21 June, 2013, 12:30 - 20:30
No. participants: up to 60 (40 students, 20 staff)
Note: Excursion is included in the school program. So, the school students are invited to the excursion without any further paper work. For Lecturers and staff, you are requested to register to the excursion. Please let us know. We need your ID photo and other official documents.

Schedule (tentative)

12:30 Departure from IQBRC (lunch will be provided in bus)
13:45 Arrival at JAXA
14:00 – 16:30 JAXA tour (including backstage tour)
16:30 Departure for Tokai
18:00 – 20:30 Banquet in Tokai