QENS2012 Scope

QENS 2012 is the Tenth International Conference on Quasielastic Neutron Scattering in fields ranging physics to biology as well as applications, instrumentation, theory and complementary techniques. The first QENS conference was held in Windsor in 1992, followed by San Sebastian (1993), Parma (1995), Nyköping (1998), Edinburgh (2000), Potsdam-Berlin (2002), Arcachon (2004), Bloomington (2006) and PSI (2009).

The subjects of QENS2012 include (but are not limited to)

WINS2012 Scope

That is the workshop discussing recent developments of updated, newly comming or being planned inelastic & quasielastic neutron spectrometers. Related issues such as development works or new ideas of data analysis software, devices and futuristic science to be done on spectrometers will be also discussed. This workshop was initiated in Japan, in 2004, as WINS2004 (Tokai, Japan). Then it has been succeeded to WINS2005 (Cairns, Australia), WINS2006 (Berlin, Germany) and WINS2009 (Oak Ridge, USA).