Cryogenics Section

Supporrting R&D of experimental devices using superconductor and cryogenics in J-PARC!!

Please contact us, if you are plannning to develop experiment devices using cryogenics and superconductor or to use liquid helium and nitrogen in J-PARC!!

Contact: cryo-lhe*
(*->@, when you send e-mail for us.)

R&D support

Liquid helium and nitrogen supply

Liquid helium: We can supply liquid helium using helium liquifeier in J-PARC, 2000 L per week at maximum.

Liquid nitrogen: We can supply liquid nitrogen. If you want LN2 more than 100 L, please contatc us.

Helium Liquefier@J-PARC
Speed 100L/h(using internal purifier)
140L/h(using pure gass)
Tank capacity 2000L
Gas bag capacity 60m3
Recovery 63Nm3/h
Impure gas tank capacity 10Nm3 x 14.7 MPa