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Thank you for participating in

The 4th International Workshop
on Nuclear and Particle Physics at J-PARC

March.05(Wed) - 07(Fri), 2008

Mito Plaza Hotel, Mito, Ibaraki, Japan

Scientific Program with slides



  1. Strangeness Nuclear Physics Experiments (convener: T. Nagae)

  2. Nuclear/Hadron Physics Experiments (convener: S. Sawada)

  3. Kaon Rare Decay Experiments (convener: T. Komatsubara)

  4. Muon Decay Experiments (convener: Y. Kuno)

  5. Neutron Experiments (convener: H.M. Shimizu)

  6. Neutrino Experiments and Proton Decay Experiments (convener: T. Hasegawa)

Host Institutions: Sponsors:

Local Organizing Committee:
T. Hasegawa (KEK)
J. Imazato (KEK)
S. Komamiya (Tokyo)
T. Komatsubara (KEK)
T. Koseki (KEK)
S. Kumano (KEK)
Y. Kuno (Osaka)
S. Mihara (KEK)
T. Nagae (Kyoto)
S. Nagamiya (KEK/JAEA; J-PARC Center)
T. Nakano (Osaka RCNP)
T. Nakaya (Kyoto)
K. Nishikawa (KEK; co-chair)
H. Noumi (Osaka RCNP)
Y. Okada (KEK)
N. Saito (KEK; co-chair)
S. Sawada (KEK)
H. Tamura (Tohoku)
K.H. Tanaka (KEK)
K. Tokushuku (KEK)
T. Yamanaka (Osaka)
Local Executive Committee:
T. Hasegawa (KEK)
T. Ino (KEK)
T. Komatsubara (KEK)
Y. Kuno (Osaka)
G. Lim (KEK)
T. Nagae (Kyoto)
M. Naruki (KEK)
S. Sawada (KEK)
H.M. Shimizu (KEK)
T. Takahashi (KEK)
K.H. Tanaka (KEK; chair)

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