Facilities at J-PARC

AcceleratorsThe J-PARC accelerator complex consists of 3 accelerators, a linear accelerator, a rapid cycle synchrotron (RCS, 3GeV) and a 50 GeV (Max) synchrotron. Each accelerator provides the experimental faculties (materials and life science, hadron physics, neutrinos, transmutation) with a high intensity beam.
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Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility
Material and Life Science Experimental FacilityMaterials and Life Science Experimental Facility (MLF) is aimed at promoting materials science and life science using the world highest intensity pulsed neutron and muon beams which are produced using 3-GeV protons with a current of 333micro-amps and a repetition rate of 25 Hz.
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Hadron Experimental Facility
Hadron Experimental  FacilityThe Hadron Experimental Facility is a scientific research facility to investigate fundamental constitution of matter and their interactions in extremely high precision.
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Neutrino Experimental Facility
Neutrino Experimental FacilityJ-PARC neutrino experimental facility is a facility in the forefront of neutrino research, which can produce world's highest intense neutrino beam.
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Accelerator-Driven Transmutation Experimental Facility
Accelerator-Driven Transmutation Experimental FacilityTransmutation Experimental Facility (TEF) is composed of two experimental facilities, Transmutation Physics Experimental Facility (TEF-P) and ADS Target Test Facility (TEF-T). TEF-P equips a critical assembly to investigate physical and dynamic properties of the accelerator-driven system by using low power (10W) proton beam. Uranium, Plutonium and minor actinide fuels are planned to be loaded into the assembly.
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