Registration and Call for Abstracts

+ Registration fees for the Symposium

Early Registration Aug. 31Standard After Aug. 31
RegularJPY 50,000JPY 60,000
StudentJPY 30,000JPY 40,000
Accompany personJPY 0 (Banquet not included) JPY 0 (Banquet not included)

Early registration deadline: August 31, 2024

Registration deadline: September 15, 2024

Abstract submission deadline: July 31, 2024

Registration fees include:

* J-PARC Tour: We will accept applications through the registration web site on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registration for accompany person includes the items with "#". JPY 8,000 will be charged for accompanying guests to attend the banquet.

+ Online Registration

Online Registration through the "AMARYS" website at the JTB Corp., the official agent for the symposium,

+ Call for Abstracts

Abstracts for poster and invited oral presentations can be submitted through AMARYS after your registration. Please use this template for your abstract. Please select the category of your presentation from the following list.

INVITEDInvited oral presentation
MLF-MSMagnetism, Strongly correlated electron system
MLF-SPSolid-state physics (Except MLF-SC)
MLF-INIndustrial application
MLF-TENew technology and developments for Neutron and Muon Science
MLF-MRMaterials Engineering, Residual stress
MLF-FEFunctional Materials, Energy science
MLF-EAElemental analysis
MLF-ALAmorphous, Liquid
MLF-HPHigh Pressure
MLF/PN-PHFundamental physics of neutron and muon
MLF-ZZMLF/ the others
MLF-FPFuture plan of neutron and muon facilities
DATData Acquisition and Data Analysis
ADSAccelerator driven nuclear transmutation system
ADS-ACCAccelerator technology for ADS
ADS-APPOther application of facility for ADS
PNParticle and Nucleus Physics (Theory and Experiment)
PN-TECHTechnologies for particle and nuclear experiments
PN-NRNeutrino reactions in Nuclear and Particle physics
TARTarget and beam intercepting device
ART-SCIResearch on the integration of arts and sciences


+ Financial Support

The J-PARC 2024 local organizing committee allocates funds to support students as well as researchers from developing countries. An amount equivalent travel expenses including cheap economy airfare and domestic public transportation, will be paid to eligible applicants in Japanese yen (JPY) at the conference site. Applications will be reviewed and selected at the end of July and August. Once all the allocated funds have been granted, no further applications for financial support will be considered.

  1. Applicants must be registered as the first author of a contributed paper to be presented at the symposium prior to the selection meeting for financial support.
  2. Student applicants must submit a recommendation letter from their academic supervisor along with their application. Researchers from developing countries must submit a recommendation letter from the dean or director of their affiliation along with their application. Application form here. Recommendation letter template here.
  3. Deadline for 1st selection: July 29
    Deadline for 2nd selection: August 26
  4. Applications can be submitted to:
    J-PARC 2024 Secretariat: j-parc2024_contact[at] (Please replace "[at]" with "@")
  5. Any questions about this financial support program: J-PARC 2024 Secretariat

+ Visas information

A valid passport is required to enter Japan. Japan has visa exemption measures for 71 countries and regions, which can be found here. However, visa is required for participants from some countries. For more information on visa and entry procedures to Japan, please refer to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

Please note that we are not able to arrange visas for participants. Participants are responsible for obtaining their own visas. We can issue a letter that confirms that you will attend the symposium. If you need a letter for the visa, please e-mail to J-PARC 2024 Secretariat.