Presentation Guidelines

Please prepare all presentation materials in English.

Oral Presentation

Plenary Talk: 35 minutes talk +10 minutes discussion
Invited Talk: 25 minutes talk + 5 minutes discussion
General Talk: 15 minutes talk + 5 minutes discussion

On the session out of standard, the convener will introduce presentation style and time. Each conference hall/room for oral presentation will be equipped with a projector. HDMI and 15 D-sub lines will be available. If you plan to use a Video with sound, please inform us in advance before conference opening.

A laptop computer with Windows 10 will be available for presentation at each conference hall/room for oral presentation. Mac is also available by an advance request. If you plan to use our laptop or your own laptop for your presentation, please make sure whether your presentation file works prior to your session with using a necessary device at each hall/room.

Poster Presentations

A suggested poster size is 80-85 cm (W) and 120-150 cm (H) whereas a panel size is 90 cm (W) and 210 cm (H) including metal frame. Pins or tapes to display a poster will be provided at a venue.