Photos taken during the conference are now available from the following

The password has been sent to you by the e-mail from MICE-DESK(JTB) at 18:50 on October 31 (Japanese time). Let us know if you didn't receive the e-mail.
j-parc2019_contact[at] (Please replace "[at]" with "@")

Privacy Notice for Photo/Video

Photos and video recordings from the J-PARC2019 symposium and 10th anniversary of J-PARC help us to express the vibrancy of our community. We use photos to enhance the quality of our newsletters, reports, website, social media and publicity for J-PARC2019, and for fundraising for similar future symposiums hosted by J-PARC. As a participant in J-PARC2019, you have the right to opt out of inclusion in photographs/media. To do so, you must put a special “opt-out” mark on your name tag and keep it visible at all times. You can obtain the mark upon request at the registration desk.