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Symposium Program

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Sunday 13 July: http://kds.kek.jp/conferenceTimeTable.py?confId=15455#20140713.detailed
Monday 14 July: http://kds.kek.jp/conferenceTimeTable.py?confId=15455#20140714.detailed
Tuesday 15 July: http://kds.kek.jp/conferenceTimeTable.py?confId=15455#20140715.detailed

Session Layout


Speakers of Plenary Sessions

Hitoshi Murayama (Director, KAVLI IPMU, Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)
Sadamichi Maekawa (Director General, ASRC, JAEA, Japan)
Marc Schyns (BNRC, Belgium)
Robert S Tschirhart (Fermilab, USA)
Tadashi Koseki (J-PARC, Japan)
Masatoshi Futakawa (J-PARC, Japan)
Rob McQueeney (ORNL, USA)
Tetsuo Hatsuda (RIKEN, Japan)
Ken Andersen (ESS, Sweden)
Klaus Kirch (PSI, Switzerland)
Takehiko Saito (GSI, Germany)
Shoji Nagamiya (Former Director of J-PARC Center & Science Advisor of RIKEN, Japan)
Jean-Michel Poutissou (TRIUMF, Canada)

Parallel Sessions

Public Lecture・市民講座

Unveiling the Mysteries of the Universe



市民講座ポスター [PDF 428KB]

"Traveling Space with Einstein
– Why Astronauts Stay Younger in Space!"

Prof. Ulrich Walter (Technical University of Munich, the first German astronaut )
Ulrich Walter 氏 (ドイツ人として最初の宇宙飛行士・ミュンヘン工科大学教授)
(同時通訳付き:with simultaneous translation)

"Unlocking secrets of the universe by accelerated protons! " 

Prof. Masaru Tada (J-PARC Center/KEK)
多田 将 氏 (J-PARC構成員、KEK助教)
(同時通訳付き:with simultaneous translation)

Simultaneous translation will be provided for both talks (in Japanese and in English).
So everybody would be able to enjoy both talks! Please come to the Hall 300 if you arrive early.

Satellite Workshop

"Progress in Nuclear and Hadron Physics and Accelerator Related Sciences"

Date : July 16th, 2014
Time : 09:00 ~ 17:30
Venue for workshop : Tsukuba International Congress Center (EPOCHAL TSUKUBA) (same as "J-PARC 2014")

Satellite WS Program

To download abstracts or presentation files, please click here.

Download Satellite WS program [PDF 88KB]

After the workshop, we will have a get-together party in honor of Prof. Shoji Nagamiya, the former director of the J-PARC Center.

Time : 18:30 ~ 21:00
Venue for get-together : Okura Frontier Hotel Tsukuba