The ICANS XXI banquet is scheduled on the third day of conference on October 1st from 19:00 at the room “Ciel Serein” in the hotel “Felivert SUNSHINE” located in Mito. They will serve both of Japanese and European style food. The dinner will be buffet party so that we enjoy talking and mixing with all participants.

There is a show called “Yansa-Drum”, that is the ceremonial music performed in central eastern area of Ibaraki, where J-PARC is located, to wish for a good harvest from 1667 and lasted for about 300years. You can find the Yansa-drum movie at the link below (with sound).
See "yansa-Drum"

Transport to the Conference Dinner

There is a shuttle bus between the conference venue and banquet. Banquet place is walking distance from your hotels (It takes about 15 minutes).

From hotels

Departure time 18:45 at Daiwa Roynet Hotel Mito, Court Hotel Mito and President Hotel Mito
Arrival time 19:00 at The hotel “Felivert SUNSHINE”

To hotels

Departure time 21:30 at The hotel “Felivert SUNSHINE”

More information

More information is available in Ciel Serein, Felivert SUNSHINE web page (Sorry, Japanese only).

The next link introduces Yansa-Drum.