All non-Japanese participants who want to join the tour are requested to make reservation by end of August via website. The deadline has passed.

Your reservation has not compleated until you register additional informations like nationality and passport information etc. Your CV and paper list might be required according to your nationality.

Please feel free to contact us if you wonder whether you are on the list.

About the tour

The ICANS XXI J-PARC tour is scheduled on Friday, October 3rd at 12:30-18:00.
You can not take any photos in J-PARC. You can bring your lunch box and have a lunch in the bus to excursion if you would like to.

Transport to the J-PARC (shuttle bus allocated)


Departure time 12:30 at Ibaraki Prefectural Culture Center
Arrival time 13:30 at J-PARC in JAEA


Departure time 17:00 at J-PARC in JAEA
Arrival time 18:00 at Mito-station

More information is available in J-PARC, web page.

Places scheduled to visit:

The neutrino facility [website]
--The experimental hall for neutrino monitors

The material and life science experimental facility [website]
--The experimental halls for neutron & muon experimental devices
More than 10 neutron instruments including chopper spectrometers, powder/single-crystal diffractometers, SANS and reflectometers are open for the facility tour.

--The maintenance area for the mercury target system (tentative)
The manipulator handling room and the high-bay area are planned to be open for the tour.