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Abstract submission

All collected abstracts will be used in preparing for programme. Submitters are kindly requested to follow the guidelines, described below:

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Guidelines for Abstracts

All abstracts, written in English, should be composed in 12 point Times New Roman font within 1 page, preferably paper size A4.

Session No. and discussion item

Please select Item No. and discussion item what you present. Please find out it in programme.


Title should be written preferably in Times New Roman font, bold.


A comma should separate author names. Where authors are from a number of different institutions, the appropriate institution number from the affiliation list should be given as a superscript number immediately after each author’s name, e.g.: Taro Tokai1, Hanako Ibaraki2,…


Where there are multiple affiliations, each institute should appear in the order used against the author names (see above paragraph) and show the appropriate superscript number, e.g.: 1Neutron source section, J-PARC Center , 2KEK

E-mail address

e-mail address of corresponding author

Main text
Abstract submission deadline

1st May
19th May: Oral presentations deadline
7th July
18th August: Poster presentations deadline


Download template [MS Word 19KB]

Paper submission

Proceedings ICANS-XXI

The contributions to ICANS-XXI (oral and poster) will be published both in a hard-copy book and in an open access website. The latter is now in preparation by IOS Press at http://www.neutronresearch.com/

Paper submission deadline: 10th Jan., 2015.

We thank the authors to follow the guidelines to help us in the preparation of the conference report.

Guidelines for Conference Report


You can download the template below.


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