Welcome to ICANS XXI

ICANS (International Collaboration on Advanced Neutron Sources) is a network for scientists who are involved in developing pulsed neutron sources and accelerator based spallation neutron sources.

Since 1st ICANS meetings was held in 1977 at Argonne National Laboratory in the day of dawn of spallation neutron technique, ICANS has been continuously held already 20 times somewhere in the world. Now we are extremely happy to announce that the next ICANS, the 21st meeting, will be held at Mito hosted by J-PARC this autumn.

We have a large number of topics to be discussed, there are twelve topics, such as futuristic idea of neutron source, rapid progress in facilities, integration issues in target-moderator-development, etc.
The details can be found in the agenda.

The meeting has a two layered structure, one is plenary session and another is workshop. Two of them are complementary and tightly cooperate each other. In the meeting we would like to enhance "workshop style", which is an original and traditional way of ICANS. Actually 2/3 of topics will be discussed in the workshop sessions. It also will be essentially organized/lead by the workshop chairs. Plenary session shows overall issues in a relevant workshop, whose details should be talked/discussed in the workshop

The venue for the meeting is Mito city, where the 2nd Shogun Family lived for a long period of time during Edo era from 17th to 19th century, when the Tokugawa shogunate ruled the country. Mito is one hour train distance from Tokyo and two hours by bus from the Narita Airport, the central international airport of Japan.

There is Kairakuen park by Senba Lake, which is one of the three most famous parks of Japan. One can find various kind of blossoms for each season. Especially plum blossoms in early spring is very famous. In autumn, you can see beautiful moonlight projected on the fluctuation water surface in Senba Lake.

We are preparing the some enjoyment at seaside as an excursion. Let's enjoy your stay in Mito not only discussion but something exciting outside. Weather is comfortable in autumn in Mito.

We are looking forward to seeing you next ICANS in Mito Japan.

The chair, Masa Arai 7th March. 2014